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Various lists of The Clan Gregor

1586. Aug. 8.
1586 Letters of Horning recorded at Perth, at the instance of Allane Stewart in Stuikis, Johne Drummond in Drummenerinoche, William Grahame, fear of Callander and Patrick Graham of Inchbraikie” against this list-
for different acts of theft, from the complainers. - Register of Hornings Perth, in General Register House, Edinburgh.
(1586 Sep. 15. They are released from the horn till 13, Oct.)

Feb 4 1590
1590 - Murder of Drummondernoch

1592 Letter (precise date not known ) from Sir Alexander Hay, Clerk of the Secret Council, to Sir John Murray of Tullibardine, Kt.:-
Anent the Clangregour.
1592 list of principal householders of The Clan Gregor
I may no omit to thank zou maist humblie for zour advertisement. And nixt to pray zou zit again to louke thir names, and notand two to be chargeit to enter for everie branche of thir first thre rankis to deleet the remanent. for I am pntlie (presently) directand away the Lrz (latters) and to gar this berair mend quhir thair is ony wrang spelling or wanting of stylis.

1601 March 3. Act against the Resetters of the MacGregors goods nearly similar to the latter part of the Proclamation of Jan. 31. 1600 and proceeding on the narrative of the Commission of Lieutennency of this date. - Rec. Sec. Coun. Acta.
1601. April 22 Bond given by the ClanGregor to the Earl of Argyle