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1601. April 22 Bond given by the ClanGregor to the Earl of Argyle

“Bond given by the ClanGregor to the Earl of Argyle as King’s Lieutennent.
“1601. April 22. At Striviling.
br />The quhilk Day Alexander McGregour of Glenstra compeirand personallie in presence of ane nobill and potent Lord Archibald Erle of Ergyle, Lord Campbell and Lorne, Justice Generall of Scotland, his Majesties Lieutennent in that pairt; Band and obleist and tuik upoun him, to be ansuerabill for the haill personis of the surname of McGregour be making of thame to be furthcummand to justice for all Thiftis, Soirningis, and oppressiounis, depradatiounis, wrangis, and attemptis to be committit be thame, or ony of thame, heireftir and in tyme comming except for sa mony of the surname as he sall qualifie to have maisteris, and Landislordis, in presence of the Lordis of Counsall, the said Lieutennent, or any uther his Hienes Lieutennent for the tyme; and that he hes na resett, mantenance or defence of thay quhome he layis upoun the saidis Landislordis and Maisteris; at quhilk tyme the said Alexander to be na forder burdynit for thay, that he justlie puttis aff him, be qualificatioun foirsaid, conforme to the Actis of Counsall sett down thairanent And for the better performance heirof the said Alexander sall enter in pledge to the said noble Lord.

John dow McCondochy VcAllaster
Patrik gar Mcilchallum glas and
Finlay McWilliame
sua sone as he may possible, and himself with
Malcolme McDougall Keir, and
Duncane McPatrik VcDowgall Keir
To remane and abyde in wairde ay and quhill he entir the saidis thrie Plegeis, or elis John dow McGregour his brother with uther twa responsabill men of his kin and surname, and the saidis thrie plegeis, or ony of thame, being deccissit or execute, or fred, be the said Alexander, he sall entir and presentt utheris in thair placeis at the requisitioun of the saidis Lordis of Counsall or Lieutennent for the tyme; Makand continuallie without intervall thrie of his surname to remain as plegeis and speciallie thrie of the personis following.
John dhu McEwne (second son of Ewne the ‘Tutour’),
Duncan McEwne, his brother,
Johne dow Mcilfadrik VcRobert,
Robert Abroch McGregour (son of Duncan Abroch),
Patrik McEanduy in Rannoch,
Archibald McCondochy VcAllaster,
Gregor Skorocht, and
Duncane Mcfadrik,
or ony uthir of his surname for the quhilkis he aucht to be ansuerable, at the nomination of the saidis Lordis &a . . . . under the tinsall of his landis, and heretage to be renunceit to the said noble Lord ipso facto for ever, or ellis put and qualefie the same to be mentennentis to utheris maisteris and landislordis without his mantenance and defence. Concerning redres of biganes &a (same as in preceding act) The said Alexander McGregour is ordainit and fullie heirto consentis That he or ellis the said John dow his brother sall remane in wairde, quhill redres and satisfactioun be maid be him and they of his awin surname and utheris for quhoine lie is obleist be law to be ansuerable to mak payment as the law, constitutioun, and pratiques of the cuntrey requyris; The clames and dittayis to be gevin in befoir third day of May nixt to come, and the tuelft day of the said moneth assignit to the pairties defendaries, to compeir and ansuer as the said Alex: sall be wairnit to that effect; withoute prejudice of the contract maid betwixt the Erle of Montrois, Patrik Lord Drummond, Sir Duncane Campbell of Glenurquhay Knicht on the ane pairt, and the said Alexander, as it beiris (1 & 2. Feb. 1590-1) As alsua the personis following, Principallis, and maist speciallis, of the race and name of MacGregour, ar ordainit of thair awne voluntar, quha be thir presentis ar become bundin, and obleist to be ansuerable for thair raices and housses respective for observing guid reull in tyrme comeing towardis his Hienes liegis, and for the redres of faultis the space of yeiris bigane contenit in the said noble Lordis commissioun as alsua for all uther thair men Tennentis and servantis as law will, viz.
1. Gregour McEwine VcGregour (eldest son of Ewine the Tutour) be the assistance and concurrence of the said noble Lord (Argyle) and the said Alexander McGregour of Glenstra, sall be ansuerable for himself and for all discendit, and to discend of umquhile Ewne McGregour (Tutour of Glentra, see Jan. 1584-5), his fader;
2. Duncane na Glen MacGregour of Phanean, Paternal uncle of Glenstray, for his sones and raice to come of him,
3. Allaster galt MacGregour, Paternal uncle of Glenstray, for his sones liberall (natural?) and raice cum and to come of him,
4. Duncane McAllaster pudryche, (Pudrach) for himself and all come and to come of umquhile Allaster pudryche his father,
5. Johne Dhu McGregour, brother to the said Allaster for himself, his bairnis and raice to come of him;
6. Gregour McNeill,
7. Williame McNeill,
8. Duncane McEanekaine (cham)
9. Allaster McEwne,
10. Johne dow McAllaster,
11. Williame McGregour VcGillechallum,
12. Johne dow McGregour, Rora,
13. Duncane McEwne VcAllaster,
14. Duncane McGregour VcWilliam in Rannoch,
15. Duncane Mcinvalloch,
16. Johne dow McCondochy VcGregour in Innervar,
17. Johne McGregour VcNeill, for thameselffis, and conjunction for slegh (sliochd) and raice to come of umquhile Duncane Lienoch (Roro),
18. Johne McGregour VcEane VcGregour,
19. Allaster, Charleis, and Gregour, brether, for thameselffis, hous, and raice cum and to come of umquhile Johne McGregour, and Gregour, thair Guidsir and father.
22. Duncane abroch, and
23. Patrick aldoch McGregouris for thameselfs and all discendit and to discend of umquhile Duncan Latois, (Ladosach) thair predecessour.
24. Johnne Mcfadrik ammonach, (Glen Almond)
25. Gregour Mcphadrick ammonoch,
26. Johne dow McGregour McPhadrick of Innerzeldie,
27. Duncane McAllaster in Dundurne,
28. Duncane McPhadrick Vccondoquhy,
29. Allaster McCondochy voir, for thameselffis and conjunctim for thair haill raice cum and to come of umquhile Patrik Chaoldich,
30. Malcolme McDowgall keir,
31. Duncane McPhadrik VcDowgall Keir,
32. Johne Mcilkeir
33. Dougall Mcilkeir,
34. Malcoime oig McGregour VcDowgall Keir for the raice and hous present and to come of the Clan Dowgall Keir ;
35. Allaster McRobert voir, for himself and his sones and all discendit and to discend of him
36. James McGregour in Drumphin, for himself his bairnis and all cum or to come of him.