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1592 list of principal householders of The Clan Gregor

1592 Letter (precise date not known ) from Sir Alexander Hay, Clerk of the Secret Council, to Sir John Murray of Tullibardine, Kt.:- “Endorsed, ‘ To the lard of Tullibardin anent Hielandis’ Also ‘To the Rgt honoll the Lard of Tullibardin this. Anent the Clangregour. I may no omit to thank zou maist humblie for zour advertisement. And nixt to pray zou zit again to louke thir names, and notand two to be chargeit to enter for everie branche of thir first thre rankis to deleet the remanent. for I am pntlie (presently) directand away the Lrz (latters) and to gar this berair mend quhir thair is ony wrang spelling or wanting of stylis.

For the lardis awin gang
1. John dow Mcgregour brother to the Lard McGregour
2. Duncane Glen McGregour VcGregour McEwne - Duncan na Glen na Phanan, uncle of Glenstray - under the Erll of Ergyle (repeated in 2nd list).
3. Donald dow McCondoquhy VcAllister in Rannoch - Donald Dow McCondoquhy VcAlister, probably of the Ardlarich family. See No 8.

For the gang and hous of Roro
4. Gregour McCondoquhy in Rora - (repeated in 2nd list). In a MS history (to be given later) he is called VII of Roro - under the Lard of Weyme
5. Gregour McNeill in Ardewnych -- under the Lard of Merchiston
6. John dow McCondoquhy bruther to Duncan McCondoquhy
7. William McGregour McGillechallum Mcanevoill
8. Johne dow McCondoquhy Keir McAlister in Ranoch

For the hous and gang of Gregour McAne
9. Gregour McAne in Brakley in Glenuraquhay
10. Gregour greginshawch McGregour - Gregour, Greginshawch, ie of Craiginshache or Craggan. There was a laird called Craggan on Ardeonaig.
11. Duncan abrach McGregour in Correcharmich under Glenurquhy
12. Duncane bane McRob in Stukaneroy - (repeated in 2nd list), also in Craigrostan, 1583 - under the Lard of Buchannane.

The names of the principallis houshalderis of the ClanGregour
13. Alester gald McGregour in . . . . . . . . under the Erll of Ergyle - Alaster Galt, brother of Duncan na Glen and uncle of Glenstrae.
14. Alester Pudrayt McGregour . . . . . . . under the lard of Weyme
15. Malcolme McCoulkeir McGregour in . . . . . . .under the lard of Tullibardin - Of the Dougal Ciar family, in Innerlochie, in Balquhidder ( or Innerlochlarig).
16. Dougal McCoulkeir McGregour in Glengyle under the lard of Buchannan
17. Patrik McCondoquhy McGregor in Glenleidnoch - One of the Innerzeldie family - under the lard of Tullibardin
18. Duncan ower McAneduy McGregor in Glenlochy (or Duncrosk).. . . . . . under the Lard of Lawers
19. William Oig McNeill McGregor in Fairny under the lard of Strowan - (Fernan under Strowan Robertson (Boirland, Fernochie and Mid Fernochie).
20. Gregour MacAne moyll McGillechallum McGregor in Innervar under the Lard of Glenlyoun
21. Patrik McGregour in Cawderly in Glencorff under the Lard of Caddell
22. Patrek Amonach McGregor in Kingart under Colin Campbell of Ardbeycht
yours to command with service (Singed) A. Hay.”