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Genealogy of The Clan Gregor - 8 - Fortingall

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Iain a'bhicair / John, Vicar of Fortingall, 1406
Fortingall [0]

Iain riabhach / Tonsured John

Niall [15]
Sir Dubhgall [13]
Wester Stix

Sir Seamus [14]
b.~1480 died 1551
Dean of Lismore

Descendants of Dean of Lismore
Iain [8]
b.~1484 died 1564

Donnchadh [16]

Padraig [7]
b.~1512 died 1564

Griogair [5] [10] [12]
b.~1488 died 1555

Descendants of Gregor Balloch

Dubhgall [9]
b.~1490 d.1555


See note 16
Griogair McAneweyll [1]
b.~1452 died 1524
Wester Stix

Alasdair [3]
b.~1460 died 1531


Domhnall ballow [2]

Domhnall McAcrom [11]
Brae of Weem


b.~1482 died 1552


Uilleam [6]
b.~1486 died 1557




Duncansons and Charlisons

[0] Fortingall 30 July1406. The first movement of the Campbells and MacGregors out of the three glens appears to have occurred in July 1406. “John of Glenorchy” (a Campbell) gained control of the vicarage lands of Fortingall on 30 July, 1406 (HMC vii, pt ii (Atholl Charters), 706, No.19). This grant was signed by Robert Cardney who was the bishop of Dunkeld. The John of Glenorchy appears to be John Campbell, second son of Sir Colin Campbell of Glenorchy, who was married to Robert Duke of Albanys sister, thus John Campbell was the nephew of Robert Duke of Albany. Robert Duke of Albany became regent of Scotland upon the death of King Robert III in April 1406 and hence had title and authority to grant such a title. Robert of Albany rewarded many of his supporters after the death of Robert III in an attempt to gain their long term support. It appears the movement to Fortingall occurred as a result of one of those rewards given to his nephew, John Campbell. The Campbells placed MacGregor tenants on these lands to establish a secure settlement. [Neil MacGregor]

[1] BBT death: 1524-03-08 Gregor M'Aynweyll

[2] 1483, Feb. 19th. Donald Balloch MacGregor with several others ordered by the Lords Auditors ‘to content and pay to the Prior and Convent6 of the vale of Virtue beside Perth the soume of fourty pund, aucht be him for the mailes of their landis in Athol.’

[3] BBT death: 1531-02-28 Allexander M'Ayn Rawyr Awyllych in Rannoch. buried Killichonnan

[5] BBT death: 1555-05-01 Gregor Dougallson Carsdall, buried Inchadin

[6] BBT death: 1557-06-15 William McGregor Port of Bofrak, buried Inchadin AND 1555-01-26 wife of William M'Gregor Port of Bofrak, buried Weym

[7] BBT death: 1564-12-07 Patrick M'Ayn V'Cowill M'Ayn murdered by McGestalcar, buried Inchadin

[8] BBT death: 1564-05-17 John Dougallson Ferna, buried Inchadin AND his wife 1565-01-11 wife of John Dougallson Stronfarna

[9] BBT death: 1555-01-12 Dougall Dougallson Farna, buried Inchadin

[10] 1527 document: Gregour Dougalsoune. This Gregor appears to be the 3rd son of Sir Dubhgall MacAne VcDubhgall and it was his great grandfather who arrived with the Campbells in Fortingall in 1406. His older brother Seamus became the Dean of Lismore. Gregour was married to a Christian Murra (Christian Murray) who appears to have come from the family of the Murrays of Tullibardine. Gregor lived the latter part of his life at Balloch and was forceably removed from Balloch by Sir Colin Campbell of Glenorchy in 1552.
John Dougalsoune. John was the brother of Seamus and Gregor and died 1564. He lived at Fearnan on Loch Tay.
William Dougalsoune. William appears to be the brother of Seamus, Gregor and John (4th most likely). His birth date is not known but as he is listed last is likely to be younger.

[11] 1552. Sep. 9. Donald Beg McAcrom, Duncane and William his brothers duelling in the Bray of Weyme bind themselves to the same. (Colin of Glenorchy) ‘having overgiven the Laird McGregour and his heirs and successors.” - B.B. of T.

[12] 1549/50 March 16 remission by Argyll for Ardeonaig includes Gregor Dowgalsone

[13] 1 July 1494 (Breadalbane Muns., SRO GDll2/2/68) Dubhghall mac Eoin is one of four baillies addressed in a precept by Domhnall Cristesone, to deliver sasine to Donnchadh Campbell of Glen Orchy in lands in Glen Dochart.
7 July 1494 (Ibid.) Dubhghall mac Eoin, as baillie of Domhnall Cristesone, delivers sasine to Donnchadh Campbell of Glen Orchy in these lands.
27 February 1507 (RMS ii (1424-1513), no. 3223) Dubhghall mac Eoin, n.p., w. grant by James Muschet of Tolgarth to Sir Donnchadh Campbell of Glen Orchy, of five merklands of Finlarig; witnesses include Gill-easbuig earl of Argyll and his son Cailean.
1 May 1507 (Breadalbane Muns., SRO GD112/3/l/l) Dubhghall mac Eoin, n.p., draws up instrument concerning payment of cattle by Sir Donnchadh Campbell of Glen Orchy to Bhaltair Buchanan of that Ilk.
13 January 1510 (Ibid., GD112/1/2/36) Dubhghall mac Eoin, n.p., draw up grant by Raibeart Menzies of Weem in favour of Sir Donnchadh Campbell of Glen Orchy, of the lands of Crannach.
10 February 1510 (AT) Dubhghall mac Eoin, n.p., w. (and probably drew up) letters of reversion granted by Sir Donnchadh Campbell of Glen Orchy to Gill-easbuig earl of Argyll.
18 September 1511 (RIlS ii (1424-1513), no. 3646) Dubhghall mac Eoin and sir Seumas MacGregor, n.p. 5, w. grant by Sir Raibeart Menzies of that Ilk to Donnchadh Campbell of Glen Orchy of the lands of Crannach.
29 June 1515 (MacGregor, Coll. (Menzies Writs), SRO GD50/186/I/iii) Dubhghall mac Eoin w. obligation by Cailean Campbell of Glen Orchy to Sir Raibeart Menzies of that Ilk.
1 April 1518 (AT) Dubhghall mac Eoin w. of Duror in favour of letters of reversion by Ailean Stewart Cailean earl of Argyll.

[14] 9 March 1503 (Ibid., GD112/l/2/31) - sir Seumas MacGregor, n.p., draws up instrument of sasine in favour of John Stewart of Ardgowan in the lands of Shian, Balloch and Acharn; witnesses include Donnchadh Campbell of Glen Orchy and Eoin Campbell of Achnoch [Lawers].
12 May 1503 (AT) sir Seumas MacGregor, n.p., draws up instrument of sasine in favour of Donnchadh Campbell of Glen Orchy, following grant by Gill-easbuig earl of Argyll.
7 June 1508 (Ibid., GD112/l/2/34, 35) Seumas MacGregor, n.p., draws up instruments of sasine in favour of Sir Donnchadh Campbell of Glen Orchy in the lands of Shian, Balloch and Acharn.
19 January 1512 (MacGregor, Coll. (Menzies Writs), SRO GDSO/186/I/iv/14) Seumas MacGregor, n.p., draws up instrument of sasine in favour of Sir Donnchadh Campbell of Glen Orchy, in the lands of Crannach.
10 March 1514 (Breadalbane Muns.., SRO GD1l2/75/1l) sir Seumas MacGregor dean of Lismore, w. precept of sasine by Cailean eart of Argyll in favour of Cailean Campbell of Glen Orchy, in one third of Lorn.
11 February 1520 (AT) Seumas MacGregor, n.p.,draws up instrument of assignation of goods by the lady of Grandtully and others, in favour of Gill-easbuig Campbell of Skipness.
30 June 1538 (Breadalbane Muns., SRO GDll2/l/2/48) Seumas MacGregor, n.p., draws up bond between Eoin Campbell of Glen Orchy and Gill-easbuig Campbell of Glen Lyon.
1511, September 18th. Charter by Robert Menzies of that Ilk to Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenurquhay, among other witnesses has Domino Jac. McGregoure,17 Notario Publico, and Dugallo Johneson, of same family.

[15] 1507, 4th July. Preceptum Remissionis Nigelli McAne Moil, ane McFinlason et Johannis McLeache pro receptatione Patricii Duncanbegsone et Johannis Dow sui fratis &a Apud, Perth, 4th July 1507 (Privy Seal, iv. 113).

[16] 1573 Bond of Defense from Grey Colin Campbell of Glenurchy to ClanLawren, signed at Killin, Loch Tay. “Malcum M'Dougall Reoch , Malcum M'Conochy V'Ane V'Doullreoch ” .

GD112/18/5 25 Sep 1487 has Donald Makgregour clerk Dunkeld diocese notary