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Genealogy of The Clan Gregor - 34 - Descendants of Dean of Lismore

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Eoin riabhach / John the grizzled [1]

Dubhgall maol / Dougall the tonsured [4]
Seamus / James, Dean of Lismore
b.~1480 died 1551

85 - Johnstoun in Perth
Griogair [2] [3]
b.~1512 killed 1565 [17]
Wester Styx

Eoin [16]



Uilleam [9]

Dubhgall [8]

Gillespic [15]



Domhnall [14]

Donnchadh [10]
Reader Killin
McCondochy Clerich
Dubhgall [5] [6]
Chancellor Lismore 1558

Dubhgall [7]


[1] The son of the Vicar of Lismore was Ian Rewych, (Eoin riabhach)or John the Grizzled, termed Makgewykar or son of the Vicar.

[2] BBT page 196 Bond to Glenurchy
Gregour M'Gregour son of the deceased Sir James McGregour dean of Lismore binds himself to Collin Campbell of Glenurquhay and his heirs, taking them for his chiefs in place of the Laird M'Gregour ... 21st August 1552
BBT death: 1564-12-07 Gregor son of the Dean murdered by McGestalcar, buried Inchadin

[3] 1557-58. Jan. 31. Preceptum legitimationes Gregorij McGregour et Dugall McGregour bastadorum filiorum naturalium Domini Jacobi McGregour (Sir James McGregor, Dean of Lismore) in communi forma &a apud Edinburgh ultimo Jan. - Privy Seal. “In 1557, Gregor Macgregor, son of the deceased Sir James MacGregor, Dean of Lismore, as became the head of a small, but independent sept of the MacGregors, and with a due regard to his safety, bound himself to Colin Campbell of Glenurchy and his heirs, ‘taking him for his chief in place of the Laird of MacGregor,’ and giving him his calp. “In 1557 Gregor and Dougall MacGregors, natural sons of Sir James Macgregor, receive letters of legitimation; and in 1574 Dougall MacGregor appears as Chancellor of Lismore.

[4] The Grandson of the vicar was Dougal Maol, or Dougall the Bald or Tonsured called patronymically Dougall Johnsoun, or the son of John. This Dougall Johnsoun appears in 1511 as a notary public, and dwelt at Tullichmullin, where his wife Katherine, daughter of Donald McClawe, alias Grant, died in 1512. He is twice mentioned in the ‘Obituary or Chronicle of Fortingall’; in 1526, as repairing the cross in Inchadin, or the old Church of Kenmore, situated on the north bank of the river Tay, nearly opposite Taymouth Castle; and in 1529, as placing a stone cross in Larkmonemerkyth, the name of a pass among the hills which leads from Inchadin to the south.
“We know of the two sons of Dougal the Bald, the son of John the Grizzled, James and Duncan. “James was a churchman. He appears as a notary-public, an office then held by ecclesiastics, along with his father, in the year 1511, and he early attained to honour and influence, through what channel is unknown; for in 1514, we find him as Dean of Lismore, an island in Argyleshire, lying between the districts of Lorn and Morven, which was at that time the episcopal seat of the Bishops of Argyll. He was besides Vicar of Fortingall and Firmarius or tenant of the church lands; and died possessed of those benefices in the year 1551, and was buried in the choir of the old church of Inchadin.

[5] 1559. , Quhilk summer Schyr Dougal McGregour byggit (n)ew hous besyd the Kirk of Fortingall, samyn yer Schir Dougall got the sencellari. . , . . Lesmoyr fra Collin Campbell of Glenurchy.”

[6] #5-1586 Dougall sone (Dougall Denistoun i.e. Dean's son) MacGregor and duplicate #93-1586 Dougall Danesoun (Denesoun) MacGregor; #105-1590

[7] "Dougal Deneson his brother's son" - ie brother of Gregor - #94-1586 list and possibly #107-1590 - I have assumed a son of Donald but it could be John's list

[8] BBT page 227 Bond to Glenorchy
Bond by Dougall Denesone M'Gregoure to Duncan Campbell of Glenurquhay and his heirs giving them his calp, signed at Ilanran before witnesses Duncan Abrach M'Gregoure and Gavin Hammiltoun notary 20 May 1584
#95-1586 Dougall Jamesoun MacGregor and #108-1590
Possibly Dougal chay in remission of jan 4 1591 - see Duncan his brother at note 10

[9] #96-1586 William his brother" - ie brother of Dougal Jameson - #95-1586

[10] "Duncan (MacCondochy) Cleroch (clerk) MacGregor." - #39-1586; #101-1590 list
Duncan brother of Dougal chay (note 8) in remission of jan 4 1591

[14] #6-1586 Donald MacGregor (next to Dougall and probaly his nephew) and duplicate #94-1586 Donald Denisoun his brother's son

[15] Gillespic (Archibald) Entered here as another son of Gregor, children in Perth parish 387: [blank] 18/2/1570; [blank] 28/2/1571; William 8/7/1574; William 8/7/1575

[16] "1575. June 25. Advocatis against McGregor and others, George McGregour alias Johnstoun, Johne and George McGregor his sones, Duncan Mc Gregor & Burgesses of Perth to have broken Lawborrowis.3 delayed till 15 Jan. next.
Eoin / John, a son of Gregor, children in Perth parish 387: Dowgall 15/3/1570; Margrat 9/8/1573; Elspet 24/1/1574; John 21/8/1580

[17] “1565. June 11th. Slaughter of Gregor son of the Dean of Lismore alias McGregor and Robert McConil Vcgregor viz in the afternoon of the Penticost and the house was burnt and they slain by James McGestalker with his accomplices and buried in their grave in the Choir of Inchadin (Kenmore). A just God judges hidden things and punishes those who do them in the third and fourth generation.
“1565. July 27. James McGestalcar VcPhatrik and his accomplices were slain by Gregor McGregor of Stronmelocan with his soldiers at Ardowenec. they were wicked and oppressors of the poor and the said malefactors could not be suffered to live upon the earth.