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Genealogy of The Clan Gregor - 78, Descendants of Iain og beag

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There is considerable uncertainty concerning the ancestry of Iain og beag - alias John Campbell or Murray
The view expressed in Amelia is that he descended from Duncan Ladosach through Donnchadh Abrach, but I have found this difficult to prove from the available evidence.
I have speculated that he could be Griogair, alias John Campbell of Coileitir in Glen Falloch and hence of the Glengyle lineage.
Evidence for this may be his support of Margaret, the widow of Coll, son of Rob Roy, who died in 1735. I suggest that Margaret was his daughter and sister of Robert.
This link is to 25 - Malcolm in Lochlarig
A third view, put forward by Gordon MacGregor in the Red Book of Scotland, is that Iain og beag, was the son of Patrick Murray in Dalveich, and hence of the Invergeldie line.
That link is 36 - the descendants of Padraig dubh beag in Invergeldie

John Campbell or Murray (Iain og beag) [1]
b.~1668 d.18/9/1744 (aged 76)
Baptisms in Killin parish (which included coileitir in Glen Falloch). The Family moved to Glencarnaig, Balquhidder in 1719 and subsequently used alias Murray [7]
The OPR began in 1689, but there are gaps in the record for births: Blank May 1698 - May 1709 and Nov 1717- Oct 1727.
Marriages: blank from April 1698 - Oct 1709 and Nov 1717 - Nov 1782.

marriage in Killin OPR to Jonat (Carmichell) 19/10/1690 [12] [13]

Robert [2] [14]
b.10/2/1695 d.20/7/1758
m. (1) Christian Campbell 15/3/1730
m. (2) Robina Cameron 21/6/1732
m. (3) Barbara Drummond ~1750

m. Graham of Bogton


d. 1758

m. Coll
son of Rob Roy
33 - Coll
probable marriage in Killin parish to Catherine Campbell (Lix?) before 1708? [19]
although Garth says Mairi nighean Eoain, Coirchaorach
she died 14/5/1774 aged 92 so born ~1682

not in OPR
Unless John b. 19/12/1709
is actually Peter


m.Lt John Grigorson
16/6/1768 [21]

41 - Gregorson of Ardtornish
Duncan [3]
d. 18/5/1787
writer in Edinburgh
m. Beatrix McNiven
(b.15/4/1718 Comrie
d.16/9/1787 [18] )


Drummond Mary
m.Lachlan Paul
m. 4/2/1786
John MacGregor (see 111)

Evan [5]
b.~1718 ? [20] d.29/10/1778 in Jersey
m. Janet McDonald - 10/1/1744 [11] (she d.15/2/1793)
birth dates ex Lanrick papers [22] , Balquhidder OPR blank 1741-54. only Margaret recorded
From Lanrick papers, John bap. Incharnoch; Alex Innerchagerny; Peter Innerlochlarigmore; & Robert Crianlarich
John [0]
d.28/6/1822 (77)
chief from 1787
m.Anne MacLeod
76 - Descendants of Evan
m. (1) 1766? Janet McGrigor

m. (2) 1774 Anne McLeod

Alexander [9]
79 - Descendants of Alexander of Napier Ruskie
Patrick (Peter)
d. 14/8/1803

m. Barbara Mackenzie

John [4]
b. ~1719
at Ticonderoga

[0] This page is essentially about John Murray, the chief of Clan Gregor from 1787. John obtained a cadetship with the East India Company in 1770 and rose to become Auditor General of Bengal. With the wealth he obtained from his post in India he returned to Scotland, built Lanrick Castle and arranged his election to become Chief. In 1769, (although the "Baronage" did not actually appear in print until 1798), John contributed to Douglas of Inverbervie's "Baronage of Scotland" an article on the Clan Gregor which a modern historian, Martin MacGregor, has described as "a piece of sustained fiction spoiled by only the occasional intrusion of fact". Instead being an innocent exposition of the then current beliefs in his family, the "Baronage Account" may be viewed as a piece of self-promotion by John. Patronage, in the 18th century, was essential for aspiring young men to make progress in life and one's elite descent could be vital in that respect. In the context of the Highland zone of Scotland which was increasingly exposed to the modern world in the 18th century, while material wealth might be lacking, one's relationship with the gentry of other clans and families was very important. Thus, the Baronage may be viewed as part of John's prospectus for advancement. In particular, the Baronage account claimed that John descended from Padraig ruadh (Patrick Roy), chief of Clan Gregor in the mid 17th century. The "History of Clan Gregor" published by his descendant, Amelia, at the end of the 19th century conceded that this was wrong and John's ancestor had been a different Patrick. The Baronage also claimed that the line of Donnchadh Ladasach had been unjustly deprived of their rightful position by the Glenstrae lineage in the 15th century.
However, John's attempt to obtain his cadetship went further than this. He also claimed more significant elite descent on the maternal side - for his mother, grandmother and his uncle's wife. This may or may not have been correct and will be explored below. It is unfortunate that as a result of such suspicions, a number of people over the years have gone on to claim that John's male line ancestry was not what he claimed. Indeed, for Sheila MacGregor, he was not even a MacGregor, but a Murray. Modern DNA studies have proved that the Y-DNA of his descendants is clearly MacGregor.
(The argument used by Sir John Murray and Sir Evan Murray for the continued use of Murray was that the hereditary baronetcy of Lanrick which was granted to John Murray in 1795 for services to the East India Company required the consent of the monarch for a name change - this consent was given after 1822 when Evan became Sir Evan Murray MacGregor.)

The issue is complicated by the paucity of the Old Parish Records. Many of them began late and have significant gaps in them. The parishes of interest are Balquhidder, Killin, Kenmore and Fortingall. Balquhidder began in 1696, with blanks 1724-27 and 1741-54. Killin began in 1689, but is blank 1698-1709; 1717-1727. Fortingall began in 1748 but is much damaged and indecipherable up to 1776. Kenmore is an outlier. It began in 1636. But note that there are gaps in the birth record 1657-67; 1673-76; 1678-87; 1688-91; 1722-1728. When researching family history, it is understandable that greater weight will be given to the records that exist, rather than attempt to infer from records which do not. Evan was a Jacobite officer during the '45 Rising; While Robert his brother, had been imprisoned until 1749, Evan appears to have escaped retribution, but undoubtedly had to remain in hiding until 1749/50. This probably explains the missing births in the OPRs, apart from Margaret in 1756,

Gordon MacGregor mentioned a letter at GD174/1272 - to the laird of Lochbuy from Evan Murray, in Jersey, whose son, Mr John Murray, writer in Edinburgh, is Lochbuy's agent. Comments on their family connections. 24 October 1767.
At that time John would have been 22 years old, apprenticed to a legal firm before obtaining his position with HEIC.

[1] Garth says that "Iain Oag Beg made a runaway marriage with a Daughter o Coirchaorach she was called Mairi nighean Eoain". Coirchaorach is in Glen Dochart which is part of Killin parish. Coircheich is in Glen Lochay which is also Killin parish. However, as noted below, a search of the Killin OPR, finds a marriage of John McGrigor to Jonat (Carmichell) in 1690. The subsequent birth of Robert & Duncan are consistent with Sir John's claims, although Evan & John cannot be found due to gap in the record from 1698 to 1709. (The Proscription of Clan Gregor was reimposed in late 1693, hence John McGrigor assumed Campbell thereafter.) A son John was baptised 19/12/1709 to John Campbell & Catherine. This seems likely to be a second wife, perhaps Catherine Campbell as claimed by Sir John. There is no trace of the birth of Evan who was reported to be older than John, hence I have assumed 1708, but the death of Evan in 1778, aged 63, seems to indicate that he was born in 1715,

The following is from notes by General Stewart of Garth, concerning Iain oag beg:
I shall speak something of Glencarnaig Breas of Balquhidder since I mentioned it so often - It was purchased by the Earl of Murray's Grandfather at a judicial sale from the Court of Session sixty years ago for the sum of £3450. It consists of the following Farms - Inverchearnaig where there is a Mill & Inverlochlarigbeg in one farm in the hands of Messrs Stewart of Auchnahaurd & Duard Glenfinglas rent £360 now in the hands of Mr McDonald of Craigsuidh Breas of Balquhidder - Inverlochlarigmore & Drumlich Tuarach Inisheart & Drumlichdesarach rent £550 and if times were good it would be worth double – the whole is in lease to Messrs Dond & John McDonald - there was in this place once twenty six Tenants it is one of the finest grazing farms in the Highlands of Perthshire.
The whole of the Braes of Balquhidder was burned & spoiled the year after forty five no man can describe the cruelty of the savage soldiers
- the first of the family of Iain Oag Beg who got a feu of Inverchearnaig & Inverlochlarigbeg from the Marquis of Athol. Iain oag Beg was son to John Macgregor Forrester of Coircheich or Mamlorn Breas of Glenlochay called Sliochd Dhonaich Bhreich - Grigar Aullin & Donald Ladasach - but I have no time to tell particulars of them at presant altho I know as much of them as any man in life.
Iain Oag Beg made a runaway marriage with a Daughter o Coirchaorach she was called Mairi nighean Eoain by her he had three sons 1st Robert Macgregor of Inverchearnaig a Decent gentleman married first a Daughter of Campbell of Ruoro Glenlyon by whom he had a son & Daughter. The son died in the West Indies and the Daughter married a son of Graham of Bogtown port parish and by a fortunate accident she was mother to the present General Graham of Bogton the richest and the worst of that family or ever was of them.
2 Ewan mac Iain Oaig Sir John Macgregors father made a runaway marriage with a Daughter of the family of MacDonald isle of Sky he was a Drover and made her believe he was proprietor of Balquhidder and a very well built house she saw when coming home she thought to be her own - But all that awaited her was a miserable cottage in the braes of Balquhidder and a Farm of one fourth of a Plough sometime thereafter they went to Inverchagerney in Strathfillan where they had a like possession of one fourth of a plough. Inverchagerney in Strathfillan Once belonging to Campbell of Lochdochard now to MacNab of Macnab from that place to Crianlarach Ewan Murray went to keep the Change house in Lochdochard estate where he resided for a long time from thence to the Inn at Lochearnhead where they lost all their property by fire from Lochearnhead to Down & Sir James Cohan of Luss procured him an Ensigncy in the Scotch Hollanders Sir James was reckoned a protector of the MacGregors at that time then the Grants & MacGregors were thought Brothers by this marriage with Mary MacDonald Ewan had four sons
1 Sir John Murray MacGregor of Lendrick
2 Colonel Peter who died coming home from India who made more money than all the rest
3d Alexander who was a Colonel also
4d Robert who was said to be a Major
Iain Oag beg had another son who was a Writer in Edinburgh (Duncan) had one son who died in the east India and a daughter married to Donach Maol Chronains son a Clerk Commercial Bank Edinr.
This estate of Inverchearnaig they had not altogether only Inverchearnaig Inverlochlarigbeg & Drumlick Tuarach Inverlochlarigmore belonged to one MhacDhuail Cheir and Drumlichbeg to a gentleman of the name of Mclaren It is said that Sir John paid for Lendrick when he came from India £13000 he got the estate of Gartnafuaran from. For 15 or 2000 £ and ? Dummadich for a mere triffle of £9000 from the family of Perth and £500 for Old Tacks £9000 to Mr Murdoch of Gartnacabber for two farms near Lendrick £2600 for the farm of Kirkton of the estate of Annat near Down Lodge a real Bargain £6000 for Gart near Callander bought from Perth family some farms at Ruskie in Monteith south from Callander never a MacGregor had Charters upon so much land before.
The estate of Lendrick once belonged to the worthy family of Haldane they got it in time of King David or James the first by a Daughter of Sir John Monteith of Ruskie who married a son of Haldane of Gleneaguis another a Son of Napier of Marchiston near Edinburgh and the estate of Ruskie was divided between them farm about the estate of Naipier was sold long ago in lots to different purchasers and Haldanes share was sold to Sir John which amounts to about £2200 a year with parks & every other thing his estate in Balquhidder is about £1200 a year but it is one third too dear and not very regularly paid all his estates may be about £3500 pounds per annum his Motto is Rioghail mo dhream Ardchoil but he needs not brag much of Ardchoil and if I live to see you I will tell you of Donach Ladasachd & Peter Glas his brother in Auchrioch Strathfillans they were the most iniquitous characters the earth ever produced striving who would be the most wicked.
Iain Oag Beg Sir Johns grandfather came to take possession of the Breas of Balquhidder and Rob Roy Macgregor employed four of the MacGregors some of his own low gang to assassinate him but he being a cautious man and possessed of more country eloquence diverted them from their wicked attempt till they came to Rob Roys house at Waster Inverlochlarig where they intended to recomitt the same deed but were prevented by Rob Roy himself who wished not for any strangers to intrude upon his own tribe Sliochd Dhuil Cheir the Glengyle MacGregors there was an attack made upon him again at the farm of Inverchearnaig of which he wished to take possession by a tribe of MacIntyres who had been there time unknown - notwithstanding Sir John was the most useful to his own clan that ever was called MacGregor and since his advancement in the world he did more for his own clan than all the Stewarts put together for the most of them is rather ashamed to do a good turn to one another since the revolution of the years 15 and 45 when it became real fashionable by all ranks to run down the name of Stewart which must be a real Slur upon a civilised nation
Upon cool recollection some of the Stewarts themselves to their great shame were as guilty as others But this was not the case with the MacGregors for they would stand each other at the risk of their Lives & Fortunes.

[2] Garth states that 1st child of Iain oag beag was Robert Macgregor of Inverchearnaig a Decent gentleman married first a Daughter of Campbell of Ruoro Glenlyon by whom he had a son & Daughter. The son died in the West Indies and the Daughter married a son of Graham of Bogtown port parish.

There is a marriage of Robert Murray to Cristin Campbell in Balquhidder on 15/3/1730. The 1731 birth names Christian Campbell, but in 1733 and 1735 the mother's name is given as Cameron. Garth states that his first wife was a daughter of Campbell of Roro. Traditionally Robert's wife was a Cameron. While it is possible that he remarried (Garth mentions a first wife) supposedly to the daughter of Lochiel. (See Note 10 below).
The birth of a daughter, Christian, was recorded on 29/4/1731 to Robert Murray and Christian Campbell (sic)
Christian attended with her (step-)mother and husband at the roup in 1758 after Robert's death
The birth of Anne was recorded on 10/7/1733 to Robert Murray and ? Cameron - she presumably died in infancy as Garth does not mention her.
The birth of John was recorded on 22/4/1735 to Robert Murray and ? Cameron
A letter from John was received in 1757 before his death at the battle of Louisbourg in July 1758

According to Amelia vol ii, p391, Robert married for a third time to Miss Drummond of Hawthornden in 1751
Robert was imprisoned in Edinburgh from 1746 to 1749; and his estate bankrupted according to an account dated 27/11/1752
Stirling Commissary Court Testament 20/7/1758 - CC21/6/54 - Robert Murray of Glencarnock, who resided some years before his death in Alloa

In support of the first marriage are two sasines with thanks to Gordon MacGregor for identifying them.
1. RS52/20/2/f.2396 which is a liferent provision of the lands of Glencarnock to Catherine Campbell, wife of John Campbell of Glencarnock, of those lands, dated 2 April 1730
2. RS52/20/2/f.402. Sasine of the same date on resignation of John Campbell of Glencarnock of those lands in favour of his son, Robert, and his wife, Christian, daughter of the late John Campbell of Roro, following their marriage contract of 2 April 1730.

[3] Garth states that 2nd child of Iain oag beag was Ewan (Evan or Hugh).

There is no trace of the birth of John or Evan, but the Killin record is blank from 1698 to November 1709, therefore I have assumed he may have been born in 1708 during the blank period of the Killin record, probably to a second wife.
Garth states that Iain Oag beg had "another son who was a Writer in Edinburgh" - this is known to be Duncan.
Killin OPR has the baptism of Duncan to John Campbell and Jenet Carmichell 23/2/1696 361/10/32. He must have died as there is a Duncan recorded 21/4/1715 to John Campbell and Cathrine Campbell. A 1715 birth is consistent with Duncan's death in Edinburgh in May 1787 aged around 70.
A Duncan Murray in Glencarnaig is known to have suffered an injury to his foot at the battle of Prestonpans in 1745 -

[4] Garth states that Iain Oag beg had one son who died in the East Indies. However, Amelia records that John MacGregor, uncle of the officer killed at Louisberg, and youngest brother of Glencarnock, died at the battle of Ticonderoga in 1758 - which led to the subsequent capture of Quebec in Canada - not the East Indies!
Amelia describes him as the 5th son of John Oig. . I have assumed a 1718 date for Evan, suggesting 1719 for John, so he would be the 5th, but the earlier John baptised 19/12/1709 must have died young.
It has also been suggested that there was a son named Peter, again in the gap before 1709. Did he die? Was he a son of Jonat Carmichael or Cathrine Campbell? Perhaps the John in 1709 was actually Peter

[5] As mentioned above, although Garth stated that 2nd child of Iain oag beag was Ewan (Evan or Hugh). Amelia in volume ii p395 states that "Evan, fourth son of John Oig of Glencarnaig, was born in 1710". There is no record of the birth anywhere in Perthshire. I suspect that he may have been born in the blank period of the Killin record up to 1709, but see note 20, below. Evan's birth more likely late 1717 or 1718..

There is no trace of a marriage to Janet MacDonald, daughter of Sleat, as claimed in Amelia, page 395. However, Garth stated that Ewen made a runaway marriage to a "Daughter of the family of MacDonald isle of Sky." See Note 11 below.
Although the Balquhidder OPR goes back to 1696, the Skye records began very late, Portree in 1800 and Sleat in 1813.

Dr Neil looked at the family of Sir James Mor MacDonald, 2nd baronet of Sleat, who married, as his second wife in 1661, Mary daughter of John MacLeod of Dunvegan. Sir James's last child was John, for whom his father acquired the estate of Balconie, an ancient residence of the Earls of Ross. John of Balconie, who died in 1707, married Alice, daughter of Alexander MacKenzie of Lentran, with issue including three daughters: Mary, who married Alexander MacKenzie of Lentran; Elizabeth, who married Rev, Hugh MacDonald minister in Portree; and Isobel, who married Archibald MacLean of Boreray. There is no record of a Janet, daughter of Balconie as claimed by Sir John as his mother.
However, Sir John's claim has been maintained within the family. A ceremonial sword which appears to have been made for General Alexander is in currently in the possession of Sir Malcolm MacGregor. The arms of MacGregor are quartered with that of MacDonald of Sleat, which appears to support the descent of Janet MacDonald from the Sleat family.
The sword is inscribed - O chath-bhuidhinn Rìoghail Ghaidheal(l)aich Dhùn Èideann, mar chomharra air am mòr mheas dan cead ceannard.
The inscription in Gaelic can be translated as "To the noble Alexander MacGregor Murray from the Royal Highland Battalion (cath-bhuidheann) of Edinburgh, as a mark of their great respect for their first commander."

Alexander Murray was born on 27 November 1778, the second but only surviving son of Colonel Alexander Murray (1748? – 1822), an officer in the Royal Clan Alpin Fencibles, and his first wife Frances, daughter of Major Edmund Pascall. From 1822 Alexander Murray, along with his cousin John, took the name Murray MacGregor.

The children recorded in the OPR of the marriage of Heugh Drummond or McGrigor were John 29/5/1736; "D" which was interpreted as Duncan in 27/1/1738, but may have been "P"; Margaret 9/11/1739; and Robert 8/2/1742. It is possible that the missing Alexander may have been born january 1741. The later genealogy in Amelia, includes Peter - (Patrick) - he cannot be found in the OPR, but Duncan in 1738 is not subsequently mentioned. As the actual record of Duncan's baptism on 27/1/1738 is very indistinct the name could be Patrick/Peter.

John MacGregor WS follows the Lanrick document and records the births of the children as John, 10/4/1745; Alexander 5/9/1748; Patrick 25/5/1751; Robert 28/5/1753
None of these later dates can be found in the OPR anywhere in Scotland.
There is more significance to the dates insofar as the real dates predate the '45 Rising, while the Lanrick dates follow it. Balquhidder was devastated in reprisal for the Rising in 1746 and Robert of Glencarnaig was imprisoned and subsequently went bankrupt. Robert later lived in Alloa. Evan may have been in hiding with his family until the blanket amnesty in 1752 for all except a very few named individuals. Although, at the time of John's supposed baptism on 10/4/1745, the Rising had not begun and Garth reported that Evan and Janet were in "a miserable cottage in the braes of Balquhidder and a Farm of one fourth of a Plough".
From Campbells of the Ark, by Ronald Black, vol i, page 387
In an account of the trial of Seumus a' Ghlinne, James of the Glens, in 1752 for the murder of Campbell of Glenure, an account is given of Seumus travelling to Edinburgh to protest the Appin evictions. He travelled from Luib in Glen Dochart with Colin MacLaren, stopping at Lochearnhead at midday, at the house of Ewan Murray, aged 34, a vintner.
Garth stated that Ewan Murray had the inn at Lochearnhead. The evidence to the court stated that he was aged 34 in 1752 which would suggest he was born in 1717 or 1718 which would obviously rule out a marriage in 1727. Ifhe was born in the gap of the Killin OPR before November 1709, he would be at least 43, not 34!
Could this be a transcription error from the original court record? But, more likely, he was born in 1718!

[6] According to Amelia, it was Duncan Murray, younger brother to Robert who "succeeded him in the representation of the family of MacGregor". However, from the family discussed in the next sentence and the death of a Duncan Murray in Edinburgh in 1787, aged 62 (or slightly less), it is clear that it was the son Duncan (born 1726) who was the writer in Edinburgh, not the elder Duncan, injured at Prestonpans. According to the Lanrick documents, Duncan Murray married Beatrix MacNiven granddaughter of Hugh Campbell of Lix and Beatrix Campbell, via Mary Campbell of Lix and David MacNiven. However in the OPR, there is an Beatrix born 15/4/1718 to Duncan McNiven & Mary Campbell in Comrie parish - probably in Glenartney where a number of MacGregor families were using the alias McNiven. There are no baptisms by a David McNiven in Perthshire. Neither is there a record in the OPR of children of Hugh Campbell in Perthshire between 1675 and 1700.

Balquhidder and Comrie marriages are missing for the probable time of their marriages. They had two children, firstly John in Callendar 22/4/1750 and Drummond Mary in Edinburgh 3/9/1756.
Duncan was a writer (or solicitor's clerk) in Edinburgh. Duncan died in Edinburgh 14/2/1787 and Elizabeth on 16/9/1787. The Old Kirk burial record of "Mrs McGregor, relict of Duncan McGregor" on 16/9/1787 has an ambiguous age, it could be 62 or 69. I interpret it as 69 which is consistent with her baptism in 1718. The burial record of Duncan McGregor on 14/2/1787 is more clearly "70" which suggests a birth in 1717, rather than 1726.

According to Amelia, vol ii, page 394, John, who was an officer in the Royal Navy, proceeding to the East Indies he attained the rank of Commodore in the Bombay Marine, and received the thanks of Sir Eyre Coote for his services on the coast of Coromandel. Returning from Bencoolen, whither he had conveyed his cousin Alexander, he landed at Batavia to wait upon the Governor and died there after 24 hours' illness." This took place 23rd March 1784. John left everything of which he died possessed, to his Sister's son John Paul, with the condition that he should take the Surname of MacGregor.
2. Drummond Mary. She married first Mr Paul whose family name had been Mcphail, by whom she had a son Lt. Colonel John Paul MacGregor, who assumed the latter name in pursuance of his Uncle's Will. He was afterwards Deputy Auditor-General of the Bengal Army.
Drummond Mary married secondly John MacGregor of the Commercial Bank, and had a Son General Duncan MacGregor, 78th Reg. They had two other sons, Alexander and James, and two daughters Mary and Felicite.

[7] The dates I have used are my interpretation of actual baptisms in the OPR. Thus, I have assumed two marriages. Firstly to Jenet or Jonatt Carmichael in 1690 with births of Grigor in 1691, Janet in 1693, Robert in 1695 and Duncan in 1696. Thereafter, a marriage to Catherine Campbell (Lix?) in 1702, with an assumed Margaret in 1703 who would later marry Coll, son of Rob Roy, Evan between 1704 and 1708, and John in 1709. There is a gap in the Killin OPR between 1698 and 1709.
However, the alternative family from the Lanrick papers, which cannot be corroborated in the OPR, is as follows: Robert 1709, Peter 1712, Duncan 1713, Evan 1715, and John 1717
My justification for Margaret (1703) is that Robert appears to have legally taken care of her following the death of Coll in 1735. This was also the reason for my speculation that Iain og beag was from Coileitir, Glen Falloch

[8] From Amelia, vol ii, page 337: Coll became the tacksman of thc Kirkton of Balquhidder. he died in 1735 few months after his Father.
Coll married in Dec. 1721 Margaret eldest daughter of John Campbell, or MacGregor in Kerletter in Glenfalloch i.e. coileitir.
From Amelia vol ii, page 491 (Appendix O) marriage contract between Coll and Margaret:
Be it known to all men be these presents, me Coll Campbell Son to Robert Campbell late of Inversnaid Forasmuch as in the month of December last bypast there was a marriage betwixt me and Margaret Campbell eldest lawful daughter to John Campbell in Kerletter in Glenfalloch with consent of her said father solemnized and completed, at which time there being no Contract of Marriage past betwixt us, the said John Campbell now my father-in-law did by a verbal promise and paction betwixt him and me bind and oblige himself to content and pay to me the Soume of two thousand merks Scots money in name of Tocher good with his said daughter, And seeing the said John Campbell my said father-in-law hath really before the granting of these presents made good and thankful payment to me of the said soume of two thousand merks money foresaid wherewith I hold me well contented, satisfied and payed, renouncing all exceptions and objections on the contrar for now and ever Therefore will of me to have exonered and discharged, Lykeas I hereby exoner, quit clime, and simple Discharge the said John Campbell his heirs executors and … of the said Soume of two thousand merks money forsaid of Tocher good promised by him to me with my said Spouse in manner foresaid and also of all bairnes part of Geir portion natural and others which may anyways accress, fall, pertain and belong to me or my said Spouse in, by and through the decease of my said father or be and throogh the decease of Katherine Campbell his Spouse my mother-in-law Excepting their own good will allernarly and I hereby oblige me my heirs and successors to warrand this my discharge at all hands against all deadly as law, and if need require to reiterate and renew these presents ay and while the said John Campbell and his successors find themselves sufficiently secured keeping allways the Substance above writen and for the more securitie I am content and consents the presents be insert and registrat in the Books of Council and Session or other competent therein to remain for preservation and thereto constitutes ….. my procurators In witness whereof these presents consisting of this and the preceding written upon stampe paper by Angus Campbell writer in Inverary the 21st day of Feb. 1721 years before these witnesses Charles Stewart and John Campbell both writers in Inveraray. (Signed) Coll Campbell." "
It has been claimed (notably by Stephenson in "The Hunt for Rob Roy") that this was a marriage linking Rob Roy's family in Balquhidder with his rival Iain oag beag in Glencarnaig.
The date of 21st day of Feb. 1721 is probably 1722 as under the Julian calendar the new year duid not start until April. Therefore Margaret and Coll married in December 1721. Assuming that Margaret was at least 18 in December 1721, her birth probably lay between 1699 and 1703. I have assumed 1700 as a reasonable date. There was a gap in the OPR between 1699 and 1708.
The last child of John Campbell (or Murray or MacGregor) and Catherine Campbell was John who was recorded in December 1709.
Catherine Campbell died 14/5/1774 aged 92 so born ~1682. Therefore the earliest marriage year would be 1700 when she was 18 and more probably 1701-1702.
Therefore I have made the assumption that John & Catherine Campbell married in 1702 and that Margaret, was born before that and therefore a full sister of Robert, so she would be at least 21 years old in December 1721 when she married Coll.
As the OPR gap continued until 1708, that places the birth of Evan somewhere between 1704 and 1708 and leaves open the possibility of other unknown children.

[9] MacGregor, G. Red Book of Scotland, vol 6, p 293 - has Alexander MacGregor Murray of Napier Ruskie, b. on 5 September 1748 and in December 1798 he received letters authorising him to raise a regiment of Fencible Highlanders which, in the following May, numbered 765 who assembled and were reviewed by Lieutenant-General Sir Ralph Abercromby, in Stirling. The Clan Alpin Regiment, as it was named, did not, however, serve in any conflict and after a stay in Ireland, it was ordered home in 1802 and reduced at Stirling on 24 July of that year. He m. firstly, to Frances, daughter of Major Pascal, (she d. in 1786), and secondly, on 25 March 1790, to Grace, daughter of James Hay, (she survived him and d. at Edinburgh, on 3 February 1844, aged 81 years), and he d. at Stockton on Tees, on 17 August 1822. (Inverness Courier. 22nd August 1822 edition.)

Hodson has Alexander's birth date as 25/8/1746 - Cadet 1772, Ensign 30/3/1773, Lieut. 28/5/1778, Bt. Capt. 7/9/1782, Capt. 22/1/1784, resigned 1793. died Stockton, York 18/7/1822
However, Evan's letter to John (note 22 below) has his birth 25/8/1748

[10] MacGregor, G. Red Book of Scotland, vol 6, p 291 - He m. first, Christian, daughter of John Campbell of Roro, (c/m 2 April 1730 (RS52/20/2/f.402.)), secondly, Robina, daughter of Major Donald Cameron, younger son of Sir Ewen Cameron of Lochiel, (c/m 21 June 1732 (SRS Lochiel Inventory.)), and thirdly, in 1751, to Barbara Mary, daughter and heiress of William Drummond of Hawthornden,
From the Lanrick documents: - Abstract of Contract of Marriage betwixt Robert Murray of Glencarnock and Mistress Robinah Cameron, I732. --
"At Carrandel the 21st June 1732 years. It is appointed, matrimoniallie contracted, finally ended and agreed Betwixt Robert Murray of Glencarnock Heritable Proprietor of the Lands and others underwritten on the one part, and Mistres Robinah Cameron Lawful Daughter to the Deceast Major Donald Cameron, son to Sir Ewen Cameron of Lochiel, with the special Advice and Consent of Donald Cameron of Lochiel his Cousine German, &c."

Dr Neil refers to the family records of the Camerons of Locheil (History of the Camerons, with genealogies of the principle families of the name. Published 1884 by Alexander MacKenzie. Pages 208-210). in which Donald Cameron, son of Sir Ewan Cameron of Locheil is mentioned: "Donald, a man “of great honour and Merit,” Major in the service of the states of Holland. He fought at Killiecrankie, with the rank of Captain, under General MacKay, and against his father, Sir Ewan; but we can trace nothing further of his history except that he died, without issue, about the same time as his father, in March 1718."

A will by Isabella Cameron Brand in the North Carolina Wills & Probate dated August 1748 (published 1910, p44-45) ends with the words:
"... to pay the remainder, if any be, to John Murray, my nephew, lawful son procreate betwixt Robert Murray of Glencarnaig and deceast Robina Cameron "
Isabella Cameron Brand therefore is the sister of the deceased Robina Cameron who had been married to Robert of Glencarnaig. The legacy is to her sister's son John Murray (who himself died at Louisburg in 1758). This confirms that Robert's second wife was Robina Cameron and that Isabella Cameron Brand was her sister and, therefore, the aunt of John.
Isobel Cameron married Andrew Brand, Canongate Parish on 28/4/1738 (GROS 685/3 /150/55)

While this establishes that Robina and Isabella were sisters, it does not establish any connection to Cameron of Lochiel

[11] MacGregor, G. Red Book of Scotland, vol 6, p 293 - He m. Janet, youngest daughter and coheir of John MacDonald of Balcony, (c/m 10 January 1744. She survived him and d. at Edinburgh, on 15 February 1793 (Scots Magazine, 1st February 1793 edition.)), and d. at Jersey, on 29 October 1778, aged 63 years

Amelia Vol ii, Appendix T, page 495-496: Contract Murray and MacDonald 1744: Marriage contract Evan Murray and Janet MacDonald 10/1/1744. "Att Mugstot the 10. day of Jan. 1744 years it is agreed betwixt Evan Murray brother german to Robert Murray of Glencarnock and Janet MacDonald lawful daughter to John MacDonald of Balcony on the one and the other part that is to say for as much as the said Evan Murray and Janet MacDonald are alredy maryed, yett there having been hitherto no contract betwixt them the said Janet MacDonald is not sufficiently provided in any jointure nor are the children of the marriage provided, or the tocher with said Janet MacDonald given to the said Evan Murray........ in witness whereof, they have signed these presents written on this and the two preceding pages of stamped paper by Alexr MacDonald of Kingsborer and the three double hereof being written by John MacLeod of Taliska, place day and year of God above written, before these witnesses for Alexander MacDonald of that Ilk, Mr Hugh MacDonald minister of the Gospell at Portry and Alexander MacDonald of Kingsborer writer hereof, and John MacLeod of Talisker Evan Murray Jannet McDonald Alexr MacDonald witness
See Note 5 above for discussion.

[12] Killin OPR marriage of John McGrigor to Jonat (no surname) 19/10/1690 361/10/238

[13] Killin OPR baptism of Grigor to John McGrigor and Jonat (no surname) 29/11/1691 361/10/18
Killin OPR baptism of Janet to John McGrigor and Jonat (no surname) 13/8/1693 361/10/24

[14] Proscription of MacGregor reimposed after 1693. John McGrigor assumes alias Campbell
Killin OPR baptism of Robert to John Campbell and Jonatt (no surname) 10/2/1695 361/10/29
Killin OPR has the baptism of Duncan to John Campbell and Jenet Carmichell 23/2/1696 361/10/32

[15] Ewan McGrigor,m1 Margaret Fergusson in 1727 (GROS 331/20 108)
|- John (19/11/1728, GROS 331/10 47). Ewan McGrigor in Easter Achtow and Margaret Fergusson.
|- Alexander (29/8/1732, GROS 331/10 56). Ewan McGrigor in Easter Achtow and Margaret Fergusson.
|- Christian Drummond (2/6/1734, GROS 331/10 60). Ewen Drummond in Cuilt and Margaret Fergusson his wife had a child baptised Christian.

[16] Marriage 2 Contracted Hugh Drummond late McGrigor and Janet McGrigor both in this parish upon the 8th December 1734. (GROS 331/20 125).
|- John (29/5/1736, GROS 331/10 64). Ewan McGrigor in Achtow and Janet McGrigor.
|- D (Peter?) (27/1/1738, GROS 331/10 68). Ewan McGrigor in Achtow mor and Janet McGrigor.
|- Margaret (9/11/1739, GROS 331/10 72). Ewan McGrigor in Achtow mor and Janet McGrigor.
‘- Robert (8/2/1742, GROS 331/10 75-9/6/1799). Ewan McGrigor in Easter Achtow and Janet McGrigor.

[17] There is a Paper by Donald McGregor from September 1824 relating to claims to the Glencarnaig claim to the Chieftainship:
…Duncan McGregor shepherd Ullin Parish of Morven states that his great Grand Father was Gregor McGregor the son of John Oig McGregor of the Sept of McGregors denominated the descendants of Duncan Abrach. That the said Gregor had three brothers Duncan, Evan and Robert that the later was Proprietor of Glencarnaig - Evan was the father of Sir John McGregor Murray Bart – Gregor was the eldest of the brothers
Duncan McGregor who now states his pedigree is son to Patrick. His father was Duncan who was son to Gregor McGregor the son of John Oig McGregor. This Duncan McGregor Shepherd at Morven is registered in the Session Books of Bawquhidder Parish as son of Patrick Murray and Catherine Stewart as the act against the McGregors was not then rescinded
On checking the Balquhidder OPR,there is a Duncan McGrigar baptised 21/4/1746 (who would be 78 in 1824) by Patrick Johnson McGrigar and Margaret Campbell. A connection of the Patrick to a father Duncan or grandfather Gregor cannot be found. There is a gap in the OPR from 1724-27 in which Patrick might have been recorded, but there would be only 33 years between the baptism of Gregor in 1691 and a possible Patrick son of Duncan.

[18] OPR Baptism: MCNIVEN, BEATRIX; DUNCAN MCNIVEN/MARY CAMPBELL; F; 15/04/1718; 341/10 / 62; COMRIE

[19] Another attempt to understand this family!
Gaps in the OPR make it difficult. Killin parish stretched from Killin on Loch Tay to Glen Falloch at the head of Loch Lomond - hence my suspicion that John Campbell was Griogar, son of Griogair dubh in Inverarnan / Coilitir who used the alias John Campbell.
He was born in 1668. I believe that he first married Jonat (Carmichell) 19/10/1690
Robert was baptised 10/2/1695;br / Killin OPR has the baptism of Duncan to John Campbell and Jenet Carmichell 23/2/1696 361/10/32, but he must have died
There is a gap in the OPR from 1698 to 1709. I have assumed a Margaret baptised around 1700, a full sister of Robert who would marry Coll, son of Robb Roy in 1721
It has to be assumed that Jonat Carmichael died subsequent to this and that John married a Cathrine Campbell at some time before 1707
The next assumption is that Evan was baptised in 1707 or 1708
Then we have the following - John in 1709, Jenet in 1711, Duncane in 1713 and 1715
OPR Baptism: CAMPBELL, JOHNE; JOHNE CAMPBELL/CATHRINE; U; 19/12/1709; 361/10 / 40; KILLIN;
The entry for Duncan (1715) has thw father described as "Johne Campbell late McGrigore"

[20] Another attempt to determine the birth of Evan - I'm sorry if this contradicts anything in earlier notes which I ought to review
There is a gap in the OPR from November 1717 to October 1727. The family moved to Glencarnaig in Balquhidder in 1719, so the baptism of Evan could be between Nov 1717 and mid 1719.

Richard Sturt (a descendant of Duncan) commented
"Putting Evan in at late 1717 or 1718 explains (a) why his birth doesn’t appear in any register (b) why his MI says he was 63 in 1778; (c) why his marriage contract was as late as 1744 and his marriage just before then; (d) why his eldest child Sir John wasn’t born until 1745; (e) why Evan was said at the 1752 trial to be the innkeeper at the inn at Lochearnhead and a vintner aged 34."
If aged 34 in 1752 that puts his birth in 1718. Aged 63 in 1778 suggests 1715, but ages reported at death can be notoriously unreliable.

Richard Sturt went on to say:-
"I have spent a lot of time studying Evan because he is one of the family about him there is masses of evidence which might give some more clues about close brother Duncan. I found that Garth’s material about Evan’s early life as a drover, with only a grubby cottage for Janet to live in was quite convincing, especially the habitations in Glendochard. It made sense to me that he should gravitate there at least after the ’45 as that was the locality where Catherine Campbell came from. I came across the attached note of Campbell of Lix, from which I noted that the Campbells lived there until 1702 or so and that they continued to hold the land as tacksmen until … 1744”. Both Catherine Campbell and Mary Campbell, wives of Iain Og and Duncan McNiven in Comrie respectively, could easily have come from the same parents in Glendochard. You will be able to say whether it is likely to be the family of Campbell of Lix. It seems to be plausible."
[Click for a view of the PDF]

Note on Campbell of Lix p1

"Evan seems to have taken advantage of the family connection moving from: “Inverchagerney in Strathfillan, once belonging to Campbell of Lochdochard, now [belongs] to MacNab of Macnab. From that place to Crianlarach, Ewan Murray went to keep the change house [on the] Lochdochard estate.” Evan may have got a job there as office accountant to the factor".
"The above seems to be point to Garth being mostly right in his descriptions of he lands and fairly accurate about the MacGregors too. "

"I found an interesting advert for the Glencarnock estate from 1750 which I am attaching. This sets out pretty clearly what land was comprised in the feu of Glencarnock, again confirming Garth. 'The lands are very improvable'”!
[Click for a view of the PDF]

Glencarnock offered for sale in 1750

[21] OPR Marriage: MURRAY, CATHARINE; JOHN GRIGORSON/FR579 (FR579); 18/06/1768; 331/20 / 219; BALQUHIDDER

[22] This is down at note 22 as there was no space above and it is perhaps clearer having this list shown separately
The Lanrick papers include the following list of Evan's family in a letter from Evan to his eldest son dated 26 August 1770 in “Box 3 p4”. The letter includes the places where they were born.
John Murray b Incharnoch 30.3 )S (old Style) 1745
James Murray b Inverness 15.5 (OS) died Inverness 26 Aug 1754
Alexander Murray b innerchagerny 28.8 (OS) - 5.8 (NS) 1748
Alice Murray b Innerlochlarigbeg 1 Au 1750 died 25 10 1754
Peter Murray b Innerlochlarigbeg 14.5. (OS) 25.5. (NS) 1751
Robert Murray b Crinlarich 15.5. OS 28 (NS) 1753
Margaret Murray b Crinlarich 28.8 OS died Nov following year [Ishbel did not include the year for this or the next). Actually Mar 3 1756 (see certificate)
Donald Murray b Crinlarich died before baptism