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Genealogy of The Clan Gregor - 48 - Descendants of Duncan Abrach

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Griogair (son of Duncan Ladasach) [1]
~1520 exec.16/6/1552
m. Isabel Cameron
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Archoille, Glen Dochart-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Donnchadh abrach [2] [3]
~1545 d. -/4/1604 at Bentoig
m. ? MacFarlane
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Corriecharmaig, Glenlochay--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Raibart abrach [4]
alive in 1632
Gregor [9]
listed 1649
Gregor glas [10]


Padraig abrach [6]
m.Marion MacDonald (Glencoe)
John - Forester of Coircheich or Mamlorn Braes of Glenlochay
b~1645 d.~1720
m. Ann MacGregor (Roro?)

John (Iain oag beg) [8]
~1668 d.18/9/1744
m.Mairi nighean Eoain, Coirchaorach (Glen Lochay)
78 - Descendants of Iain oag beag in Balquhidder
m.Christian Campbell


m. Janet McLaren

12/6/1703 d.1759 s.p.

Ewen / Evan
b.18/1/1705 or 1710
m. Janet McGrigor


listed 1649
Gregor [11]

Patrick Roy

Griogair [7]
~1597 killed. 1604

Padraig adholadh
ex. -/1/1604
Eoin dubh [5]

[1] 1552 June 26. Murder and decapitation of Duncan MacGregor and his sons Gregor and Malcolm Roy by Colin Campbell of Glenurquhay and Duncan Roy Campbell of Glenlyon and Alexander Menzies of Rannoch

[2] 1573. August 24. . . . Be it kend till all men and sundrie to quhom it efferis we Archibald Erle of Argyle Lord Campbell and Lorne justice and chancellor of Scotland &a. &a. to haif resavit our louittis (lovites) Duncan Abbroche McGregour, Patrik McGregour, Allaster Skorinche McGregour, Molcollum McGregour, Patrik Awilochi (Aulach) McGregour and Dougal McGregour the saidis Duncanis bredrene, thair airis and offspring in our maintenance. ........... The names of thair airis and offspring conteinit in this band and off thameselffis that is presentlie in lyff, Duncan Abbrach McGregour, Robert McGregour his sone, Duncan and . . . . also his sonis; Allaster Skerrich Mcgregour, Dugall and . . . . . his sones, Patrick Aulich McGregour, Duncan . . . . also his sones Johne McGregour in Morinche, sone to Patrik Dow and Patrik McGregour brother to the said Johne.” - Luss Collection.
1576. Bond by Duncan McGregour VcCondoquhy Abrach and Patrick McGregour VcCondoquhy his brother to Colin Campbell of Glenurquhay and his heirs giving them their calps

[3] 1604 April 1 - at Bentoig Duncan Abrach MacGregor

[4] Robert Abrach was the older brother to Patrick Abrach
#55-1611a - Robart Abroche McGregour in Ardchyilly under the Laird of Glenurchy
#70-1613b Robert Abroche McGregour at Glenfrune
#26-1613c - Robart Abroche without cautioner
#2-1613d - "first rank";

5) list of broken men of Clan Gregor 1613
Sleik Gregor VcEane (House of Gregor McAne)
#70 Robert Abroche McGregour at Glenfruin
#71 Patrick his brother
#72 Duncan McFatrick Awleich at Glenfruin
#73 Patrik McFatrick Awleich his bro at Glenfruin

1613. Jan 12. The quhilk day it is thocht meet and expedient be the Lordis of Secreit Counsaill That ane remissioun salbe past and exped to Robert Abroche McGregour conforme to his Majesties directioun send to the Lord Chancellor to that effect the said Robert first renunceing his name, and finding caution for his deutifull behaviour redres of pairtyis to be harmed and skaithit be him, for his personall compeirance quhen he salbe callit and that he sall not resett, supplie, intercomoun, assist, nor tak part with the ClanGregour. - Record of Secret Council.
Tomzarloch 1612
Alias Ramsay in 1614 under Viscount Haddington,
Surrendered 1624 and sent with MacKay's mercenaries to Germany in 1626, never to return under pain of death
Mentioned in decreets 1631 and 1632 with son Duncan

The following additional references from which it is apparent that Robert is older than Patrick have been provided by Matt MacGregor
News that Robert Abroche McGregour, Patrick Abroche McGregour and John McPatrick Dwy McGregour, three of the most notorious limmers of the clan, held presently in the island of Muck, are to be brought for trial in Edinburgh; possibility of their rescue; Council directs Glenorchy to provide six or seven score men under a captain, to prevent such an attempt by Allan McEan Dwy of Lochquaber, and to assist in the safe convoy of the prisoners as far as burgh of Perth, where they may be out of danger.
Postscript urging the provision of more men if Glenorchy thinks it to be necessary.
Signed by the Chancellor, Mar, Archbishop of St Andrews, and Melrose.
GD112/39/32/12 -
Cannot comply with request from Privy Council to send men to the Isle of Muck to assist Donald and Angus McEane and John Stewart of Ardseyle in conveying Robert Abrach, Patrick Aldoch and John McPatrick Dowy VcGregoris, to the burgh of Perth; protests that this is impossible `for I knaw not quhair the Ile of Muk lyis nayther yit haive I aney schipping or boating to carey my men to the Iles'; suggests that the Council should write to the sheriff of Argyll to convey the men to Dumbartene, or to bring them to Braidalbane where Glenorchy will receive them and bring them to recipient in Strathearn, whence they can be taken to Perth.
1599 October 20. Finlarg.
Contract between Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenurquhay, kt, on one part, and Duncan Abrach MakGregoure and Robert MakGregoure, his son, on other part, whereby said Duncan and Robert renounce in favour of said Sir Duncan the forest of Mamlorne and a merkland thereof, in lordship of Descheor and Toyer, in return for twelve newcalved kye.
Further clauses related to keeping the forest.
Witnesses: John McCarlich in Finlarg, John Roy McNab in Ardnagald Moir, Alister Scorach McGregoure in Ardeshie Wester, Gregor McEwin VcGregoure in Wester Morinche.
Written by Gavin Hammiltoun, notary.
GD50/184/109/3/32 - Colquhoun Muns
11 Mar 1614
The number of these and all thame presentit
# 26 Robart Abroche without cautioner
# 27 Patrik his brother without cautioner

[5] #67-1611a Johne Dow McFatrick Dow McGregour brother barne to Robert Abroche {a son to the late Padraig dubh -under age?)

[6] #71-1613b Patrik his brother (brother to #70-1613b Robert Abroche McGregour at Glenfrune)
#27-1613c - Patrik his brother without cautioner

[7] 1604 April 1 - at Bentoig: Gregor McCondochy abrach
1604 August 1 - Gregor McCondochy abrach "he being a bairn of sevin yeirs" - ??Killed by Dougall MacGregor Clerich ???

[8] The following is from notes by General Stewart of Garth, concerning Iain oag beg:
I shall speak something of Glencarnaig Breas of Balquhidder since I mentioned it so often - It was purchased by the Earl of Murray's Grandfather at a judicial sale from the Court of Session sixty years ago for the sum of £3450. It consists of the following Farms - Inverchearnaig where there is a Mill & Inverlochlarigbeg in one farm in the hands of Messrs Stewart of Auchnahaurd & Duard Glenfinglas rent £360 now in the hands of Mr McDonald of Craigsuidh Breas of Balquhidder - Inverlochlarigmore & Drumlich Tuarach Inisheart & Drumlichdesarach rent £550 and if times were good it would be worth double – the whole is in lease to Messrs Dond & John McDonald - there was in this place once twenty six Tenants it is one of the finest grazing farms in the Highlands of Perthshire.
The whole of the Braes of Balquhidder was burned & spoiled the year after forty five no man can describe the cruelty of the savage soldiers
- the first of the family of Iain Oag Beg who got a feu of Inverchearnaig & Inverlochlarigbeg from the Marquis of Athol. Iain oag Beg was son to John Macgregor Forrester of Coircheich or Mamlorn Breas of Glenlochay called Sliochd Dhonaich Bhreich - Grigar Aullin & Donald Ladasach - but I have no time to tell particulars of them at presant altho I know as much of them as any man in life.
Iain Oag Beg made a runaway marriage with a Daughter o Coirchaorach she was called Mairi nighean Eoain by her he had three sons 1st Robert Macgregor of Inverchearnaig a Decent gentleman married first a Daughter of Campbell of Ruoro Glenlyon by whom he had a son & Daughter. The son died in the West Indies and the Daughter married a son of Graham of Bogtown port parish and by a fortunate accident she was mother to the present General Graham of Bogton the richest and the worst of that family or ever was of them.
2 Ewan mac Iain Oaig Sir John Macgregors father made a runaway marriage with a Daughter of the family of MacDonald isle of Sky he was a Drover and made her believe he was proprietor of Balquhidder and a very well built house she saw when coming home she thought to be her own - But all that awaited her was a miserable cottage in the braes of Balquhidder and a Farm of one fourth of a Plough sometime thereafter they went to Inverchagerney in Strathfillan where they had a like possession of one fourth of a plough. Inverchagerney in Strathfillan Once belonging to Campbell of Lochdochard now to MacNab of Macnab from that place to Crianlarach Ewan Murray went to keep the Change house in Lochdochard estate where he resided for a long time from thence to the Inn at Lochearnhead where they lost all their property by fire from Lochearnhead to Down & Sir James Cohan of Luss procured him an Ensigncy in the Scotch Hollanders Sir James was reckoned a protector of the MacGregors at that time then the Grants & MacGregors were thought Brothers by this marriage with Mary MacDonald Ewan had four sons
1 Sir John Murray MacGregor of Lendrick
2 Colonel Peter who died coming home from India who made more money than all the rest
3d Alexander who was a Colonel also
4d Robert who was said to be a Major
Iain Oag beg had another son who was a Writer in Edinburgh had one son who died in the east India and a daughter married to Donach Maol Chronains son a Clerk Commercial Bank Edinr.
This estate of Inverchearnaig they had not altogether only Inverchearnaig Inverlochlarigbeg & Drumlick Tuarach Inverlochlarigmore belonged to one MhacDhuail Cheir and Drumlichbeg to a gentleman of the name of Mclaren It is said that Sir John paid for Lendrick when he came from India £13000 he got the estate of Gartnafuaran from. For 15 or 2000 £ and ? Dummadich for a mere triffle of £9000 from the family of Perth and £500 for Old Tacks £9000 to Mr Murdoch of Gartnacabber for two farms near Lendrick £2600 for the farm of Kirkton of the estate of Annat near Down Lodge a real Bargain £6000 for Gart near Callander bought from Perth family some farms at Ruskie in Monteith south from Callander never a MacGregor had Charters upon so much land before.
The estate of Lendrick once belonged to the worthy family of Haldane they got it in time of King David or James the first by a Daughter of Sir John Monteith of Ruskie who married a son of Haldane of Gleneaguis another a Son of Napier of Marchiston near Edinburgh and the estate of Ruskie was divided between them farm about the estate of Naipier was sold long ago in lots to different purchasers and Haldanes share was sold to Sir John which amounts to about £2200 a year with parks & every other thing his estate in Balquhidder is about £1200 a year but it is one third too dear and not very regularly paid all his estates may be about £3500 pounds per annum his Motto is Rioghail mo dhream Ardchoil but he needs not brag much of Ardchoil and if I live to see you I will tell you of Donach Ladasachd & Peter Glas his brother in Auchrioch Strathfillans they were the most iniquitous characters the earth ever produced striving who would be the most wicked.
Iain Oag Beg Sir Johns grandfather came to take possession of the Breas of Balquhidder and Rob Roy Macgregor employed four of the MacGregors some of his own low gang to assassinate him but he being a cautious man and possessed of more country eloquence diverted them from their wicked attempt till they came to Rob Roys house at Waster Inverlochlarig where they intended to recomitt the same deed but were prevented by Rob Roy himself who wished not for any strangers to intrude upon his own tribe Sliochd Dhuil Cheir the Glengyle MacGregors there was an attack made upon him again at the farm of Inverchearnaig of which he wished to take possession by a tribe of MacIntyres who had been there time unknown - notwithstanding Sir John was the most useful to his own clan that ever was called MacGregor and since his advancement in the world he did more for his own clan than all the Stewarts put together for the most of them is rather ashamed to do a good turn to one another since the revolution of the years 15 and 45 when it became real fashionable by all ranks to run down the name of Stewart which must be a real Slur upon a civilised nation
Upon cool recollection some of the Stewarts themselves to their great shame were as guilty as others But this was not the case with the MacGregors for they would stand each other at the risk of their Lives & Fortunes.

[9] 1649 list: Amelia Vol ii, p116-120 and 467-470:
73, 74 Gregor McGregor and Duncan McGregor sonnes to Robert Abroch ..
Duncan McRobert Abroch in Summar, under Sir Donald Campbell of Ardnamurchane in 1637 is mentioned at page 72.

[10] 1650 "June 7th. "Harie Stirling younger of Ardoche against Gregour glas McGregour abrache, Duncan roy McCallum Vcgregour Vcphadrick aldoche, Jon M'Gregour Mceane dowie in Dowletter, Jon McGregour McCondachie in Learachan Rannache for horse stealing in August 1648. "-Record of Justiciary.

[11] 1650. June 6th. "Complaint Drummond of Machanie against Gregour McGregour Mcphadrick aldoche in the maynes of Garthe in Athol and Patrick roy McGregour his brother in the Rannache for horse stealing in September 1645."-Record of Justiciary.

From Amelia:
1576. Bond by Duncan McGregour VcCondoquhy Abrach and Patrick McGregour VcCondoquhy his brother to Colin Campbell of Glenurquhay and his heirs giving them their calps.
1587. For the hous and gang of Gregour McAne
11. Duncan abrach McGregour in Correcharmich under Glenurquhy
1602. 19th June. “Alexander Colquhoun of Luss having apprehended ‘Robert McGregor sone to Duncane Abrach MacGregor and with his awne hand put him to liberty’ is charged to produce the said Robert And Letters were sent directing Luss accordingly.
1604. Patrick succeeded (his Father, Duncan Aberach, who was killed at Bentoig April 1604).
By Marion, daughter of Macdonald of Auchtrichatan, chief of the most powerful tribe of the Macdonalds in Glencoe, he had three sons.
1. John, his heir
2. James who was an officer in the army and eventually settled in America
3. Duncan, died unmarried.

1650 "June 7th. "Harie Stirling younger of Ardoche against Gregour glas McGregour abrache, Duncan roy McCallum Vcgregour Vcphadrick aldoche, Jon M'Gregour Mceane dowie in Dowletter, Jon McGregour McCondaehie in Learachan Rannache for horse stealing in August 1648. "-Record of Justiciary.