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Genealogy of The Clan Gregor - 53 - Descendants of Padraig Adholadh (Patrick Aulich)

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Griogair (son of Duncan Ladasach) [1]
~1510 exec.1552
Donnchadh abrach
~1545 d.1604 at Bentoig

Descendants of Duncan Abrach
Padraig adholadh [2]
~1547 exec.1604
Duncan [5]
~1580 exec.1613
~1604 d.1626 at Leny

John [8]
listed 1649
killed 1615
Patrick beg [4]
~1582 d.1626 at Leny [3]


Gregor [6]
Patrick roy
Calum ban [7]
~1590 d.1626 at Leny

[1] 1573. August 24. . . . Be it kend till all men and sundrie to quhom it efferis we Archibald Erle of Argyle Lord Campbell and Lorne justice and chancellor of Scotland &a. &a. to haif resavit our louittis (lovites) Duncan Abbroche McGregour, Patrik McGregour, Allaster Skorinche ( ) McGregour, Molcollum McGregour, Patrik Awilochi (Aulach) McGregour and Dougal McGregour the saidis Duncanis bredrene, thair airis and offspring in our maintenance. ........... The names of thair airis and offspring conteinit in this band and off thameselffis that is presentlie in lyff, Duncan Abbrach McGregour, Robert McGregour his sone, Duncan and . . . . also his sonis; Allaster Skerrich Mcgregour, Dugall and . . . . . his sones, Patrick Aulich McGregour, Duncan . . . . also his sones Johne McGregour in Morinche, sone to Patrik Dow and Patrik McGregour brother to the said Johne.” - Luss Collection.

[2] Gregor, eldest son of Duncan Ladosach, left two sons : 1. Duncan, who succeeded him, and who, after his fathers death, was sent to Lochaber, whence he was called Duncan Lochaber or Abarach. 2. Patrick, brought up in Athole, and thence known as Parig Adholach or Aulich, “of whom the Drummonds, alias MacGregors, of the Bows, and many other tribes.” Patrick Adholadh was executed in Edinburgh with Glenstray, February 1604. He left five sons, frequently mentioned in the Register of Privy Council, i.e :- Duncan, . . took name of Livingstoun. Allester, . . . Do. Do. Patrick, [15] . . Do. Do. Donald, . . took name of Balfour. John, . . . . Do. Do.

[3] 1626. March 16. Skirmish at the door of the old Castle of Lany on the north bank of the Teith, less than a quarter of a mile west of the village of Callander in Menteith, between certain individuals, mostly Buchanans, headed by Robert Buchanan of Lany on one hand, and certain MacGregors on the other. Of the latter, Patrick Beg and Callum Baine, sons of the late Patrick Aldoch and commonly surnamed Levingston, and Donald McGregor VcCondoquhie Aldoch were killed. Tradition gives the following account of the origin of this affair. The parties having adjusted some former difference (about the slaughter of a MacGregor in 1515), [2] were about entering the Castle to a refreshment prepared for them, when the landlord desired his guests to walk before him, and they begged he would show them the way. Lany’s attendants being at some distance, and mistaking the courteous altercation for something serious, interfered without inquiry, when the scuffle ensued in which two Buchanans and three MacGregors were killed. Hence to the Gaelic lines regarding the feud of Glenfruin, ‘The black Wether with the white Tail Better it had never been lambed’ was added another ‘It was worse than the mistake of Lany.’
1626 June 30. Donald McGregour brother to umqule Patrik Aldoch McGregour, Donald McEane Dowie McGregour in Dallatriche, Johne McGregour sone to Gillespie McCondochie VcAllaster in Rannoch, Alexander McGregor sone to Dougall McCondochie Veir (Keir ?), Duncane Camerone sone to Johne Dow McFarlane in Argyle, Johne Gow McKinchadder McEan ceardeach, Neill Braik McGregour, Donald McLarene, sumtyme servandis to umqule Patrik Aldoche Dilaitit of airt and pairt of the slauchter of umqule Robert Buchannane in Ballachastell and umqule Donald Buchanane in Lany committit the 16 day of Marche in forme and manner specifiet in the criminall letters Persewaris Agnes Graharne relict of umquhile Robert Buchanane, McKilsythe relict of umquhile Donald Buchanane Mr William Stirling Writer sone to Henrie Stirling of Ardoch cautioner produceit the letters deulie execut and indorsate vpone the haill defenders abonewritten Quhairby they ar denunceit and registrat at the horne for not finding cautioun &a.” - Justiciary Record.

[4] #58-1611a Patrick Beg McGregour sonne to umqll Patrick Auleiche McGregour in Coirrecharmek under the Erll of Linlythgow
#73-1613b Patrik (McFatrick Awleich) his brother at Glenfrune (brother of #72-1613b Duncan McFatrik Awleich at Glenfrune)

[5] #59-1611a Duncane McPhatrik McGregour thesaid Patriks brother in Ardmakmenen under the Laird of Knokhill
#72-1613b Duncan McFatrik Awleich at Glenfrune
#20-1613c - Duncan McFatrik Awloch (scored out sic)
#17-1613d Patrick Duncane and (sic) sonis to Patrik Aldoche McGregour - "second rank" - includes #18-1613d and #19-1613d 1613 June 2 - Duncan McPhatrick McGregor - Justiciary trial and execution

[6] #60-1611a Gregor ..ry McGregour sone to the foresaid Patrik Awlech also and brother to the saids Patrik Beg and Duncane
#74-1613b Gregour Roy (also) his brother (brother of #72-1613b Duncan McFatrik Awleich at Glenfrune)

[7] #75-1613b Callum? his brother (brother of #72-1613b Duncan McFatrik Awleich at Glenfrune)

[8] 1649 list: Amelia Vol ii, p116-120 and 467-470: - 94 John McConnochie VcPatrik Aldoch there,

[9] 1650. June 6th. "Complaint Drummond of Machanie against Gregour McGregour Mcphadrick aldoche in the maynes of Garthe in Athol and Patrick roy McGregour his brother in the Rannache for horse stealing in September 1645."-Record of Justiciary.

Patrick Adholach or Aolach, second son of Duncan Ladosach, and brother of Duncan Aborach, was executed with Glenstray, January 1604. The numerous notices about his turbulent sons are here given consecutively; it is not known if any descendants are now living.
In 1605, Duncan and Patrick, the two elder sons, were "resetted" by McLarrane in Blarquharry. In 1606 the Earl of Argyle was cautioner for Patrick. In 1611 Allane McEan duy of Lochaber was charged to exhibit Duncan, Patrick, and Gregor the following January. On the 9th January 1612, they were denounced rebels, but on 12th February same year Livingstown of Westquarter became cautioner for Duncan and Allastair the third son. June 2nd, 1612, Duncan, Patrick, and Alexander, having taken the name of Livingstoune, obtained a remission. Duncan and Allastair, both living in Callander, July 1612, were charged with the slaughter of Robert Mcphatrik Oig in Strathyre. July 24th, same year, Balfour of Currie was surety for Donald and John Balfours, sons of Patrick Aldoch. Duncan and Patrick said to have been apprehended by Duncan the Tutor, October 1612. In 1613 Duncan was ordered to be exhibited by Westquarter, Patrick by Livingstoune of Belstane, Allastair by Westquarter, John by Pottischaw. Alastair was slain by John Buchannane before 1615, although his name is occasionally mentioned erroneously later; his residence was Corriechrombie. In 1619, Carmichael was to search for Patrick, and the same year, it was alleged by Westquarter, Duncan's cautioner, that Duncan was tenant to "Sir Donald Gorm of Slait." This is the last mention of him, but he appears to have left a son Donald McGregour VicCondochie, slain at Leny in 1626; his widow was named Janet. Callum was charged with the slaughter of John Buchannan, February 1620, Patrick, John; and Donald said to have "broken loose," 1621. In December of that year, rewards were offered for the heads of Patrick and Donald. Both broke loose again in 1624. Patrick and Callum were slain at Leny, 1626. Patrick left two sons, Gregor and Patrick. Callum left a widow, Marjorie. Gregor and John are not mentioned latterly. Donald, the fourth son of Patrick Aolach, acted as head of the family after the death of his brothers, Patrick and Callum. Although on page 35 it has been assumed that this Patrick slain at Leny was legitimate, there is rather strong evidence against this assumption.-ED.

From Amelia:
1576. Bond by Duncan McGregour VcCondoquhy Abrach and Patrick McGregour VcCondoquhy his brother to Colin Campbell of Glenurquhay and his heirs giving them their calps.
1587. For the hous and gang of Gregour McAne
11. Duncan abrach McGregour in Correcharmich under Glenurquhy
1602. 19th June. “Alexander Colquhoun of Luss having apprehended ‘Robert McGregor sone to Duncane Abrach MacGregor and with his awne hand put him to liberty’ is charged to produce the said Robert And Letters were sent directing Luss accordingly.
1604. Patrick succeeded (his Father, Duncan Aberach, who was killed at Bentoig April 1604).
By Marion, daughter of Macdonald of Auchtrichatan, chief of the most powerful tribe of the Macdonalds in Glencoe, he had three sons.
1. John, his heir
2. James who was an officer in the army and eventually settled in America
3. Duncan, died unmarried.

1650 "June 7th. "Harie Stirling younger of Ardoche against Gregour glas McGregour abrache, Duncan roy McCallum Vcgregour Vcphadrick aldoche, Jon M'Gregour Mceane dowie in Dowletter, Jon McGregour McCondaehie in Learachan Rannache for horse stealing in August 1648. "-Record of Justiciary.