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Genealogy of The Clan Gregor - 22 - Clann Dubhgall cheire in Glengyle

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Dubhgall Ciar
listed 1488
manrent 1547
Maol-coluim (II) [0]
b.~1510 d.before 1586

Dubhgall [4]

Maol-coluim oig [1] [8]
exec 1604 [9]

25 - descendants of Malcolm Inverlochlarig
Griogair dubh (III) [5] [14]
Caol littir

23 - descendants of Gregor dubh in Glengyle
Donnchadh [2]
exec. 1612

Iain [3]
acquitted in 1604

Griogair [12]
b.~1565 exec. 1612

Padraig [13]
b.~1566 ealive 1613

Donnchadh [11]
b.~1567 alive 1613

Padraig ruadh [6]
executed 1613

29 - descendants of Patrick Roy
Fionlaigh ciar [7]

Domhnall dubh [10]

[0] Malcolm McCulchere’s sons are enumerated 13th August 1586 when the Earl of Montrose got their escheit. Malcolm McGregor in Innerlochie, Duncan McCulquheir McGregor in Drummiliche, John McCulquheir McGregor in Drummiliche, Dougal McCulquheir McGregor in Glengyle, Gregor McCulquheir McGregor in Keylettir, Patrick McCulquheir McGregor in Strathyre, Finley McCulquheir McGregor in Culgart.
1. Dougal, believed to have been the eldest son because he is mentioned “in Glengyle" 13 Aug. 1586, roll of 1589-90, Aug. 31, 1590. Dougall McCoulkeir McGregour in Glengyle under the Lord of Buchannan is mentioned in the list of principal Householders of the Clan Gregor; although the Dougal Ciar family is not counted as one of the principal Houses. ] If this Dougal left any posterity they must be extinct.
2. Gregor, see later.
3. Malcolm McCulkeyr, younger in Innerlochlarig in Balquhidder, whether he or Gregor was the elder, is doubtful; his history will be given later.
4. "Duncan McCulquheir McGregor in Drummiliche" mentioned in the letters of horning, 13 Aug. 1586. He was executed in Edinburgh July 28, 1612, for the burning of Achallater, &c.
5. "John McCulquheir in Drummiliche," mentioned August 13, 1586. He was escheated with others for not appearing before the Secret Council, Sep. 1569 to answer for the slaughter of two Stewarts of Balquhidder; was mentioned in the roll of those denounced Feb. 1589-90, after the death of Drummond¬earnach. John was proposed as one of the pledges to be answerable for "The raice present and to come of the Clan Dowgal Keir," April 22, 1601. As "Johnne McCoulichere in the Brae of Balquhidder," he was tried in Edinburgh with his brother and nephew, Duncan McFadrick, for "intercommoning with the Laird of McGregor sen the raide of Glenfrune," March 2 1604, [page 252] he was acquitted while his relations were condemned to death. He was also tried for slaughter of the Clan Lauren in Balquhidder some forty six years syne and other deeds including the "slaughter of Hew Stewart servant to my Lord Athole about 1574," but was "found clene innocent and acquit of the said crymes." John had a son Gregor McEan VcCoulchere who was executed at Edinburgh with his uncle Duncan and other relations July 28, 1612.
6. Patrick Roy McCulquheir McGregor in Strathyre, so styled in Record August 13, 1586, when his escheat was forfeited for non-appearance before the Council. He was executed in Edinburgh with several others "for being in company with Duncan McEwen McGregor at the Burning of Abruchill," June 22, 1613.
Finley Keir McCulquheir McGregor in Calzuit, so styled August 13,1586 when escheated. “Finla Keir McGregor in Colcar¬rach" is denounced in the roll of 1590, and was probably the same man.

[1] "Malcolm MacCoulquheir (MacDougal Keir) in Innerlochie (Balquhidder) under the Laird of Tullibardine", #29-1586; #79-1590 list; #15-1592; #34-1601

[2] "Duncan MacCulquheir MacGregor in Drummilliche, son of Malcolm the 2d Chieftain of their House.", #30-1586 list; #81-1590; #15-1592;
executed 28 July 1612 #7 Duncan McCoule cheir

[3] "John MacCoulquheir MacGregor thair, brother of above.", #31-1586; #85-1590; #15-1592; #32-1601 list
#24-1611a Johne McCoulchare in Balfuder under my Lord ofTullybarne
2 march 1604 - Justiciary acquitted!

[4] "Dougal MacCulquheir MacGregor in Glengyle, another brother under the Laird of Buchannan.", #32-1586; #80-1590; #16-1592; #33-1601
1 april 1604 - killed; also killed same day, his son Duncan

[5] "Gregor MacCulquheir MacGregor in Keylecter (Caoletter).", #33-1586; #84-1590; #15-1592;

[6] "Patrick MacCulquheir in Strathyre (Strachur), another brother of Duncan in Drummilliche..", #34-1586; #83-1590; #15-1592;
#22-1611a Patrik Roy McCoulchare McGregour in Glengyll also
#35-1613d Patrik Roy McCoulcheir McGregour in Glengyill
executed 2 June 1613 Patrick roy McCoull cheir

[7] "Finla keir MacCulquheir MacGregor in Culgart.", #35-1586; #97-1590 list; #15-1592 list;

[8] "Malcolm Oig McGregor dhu, called younger in reference to his Uncle in Innerlochlarig. He is mentioned in the Bond given to the King's Lieutenant, April 22, 1601 as "Malcome oig McGregour vcDougall Keir for the raice and house present and to come of the Clan Dowgall Keir" showing that he was the Chieftain of that house, although his uncle Malcome McDougall Keir is also on the list. May 12 of the same year he is mentioned as Malcolme McGregour in Glengyll, where his Father appears to have resided in 1581, though latterly at Kyleter. At the date in 1601 he signed the Bail Bond with his hand led at the pen." Callum McGregor Dhu VcCulcheir was complained of; with Glenstray and others, Nov. 25, 1602, by Colquhoun as being under the charge of the Earl of Argyll and unruly; Jan 31, 1611, a reward offered for his head as one of the leading insurgents.
It was Callum Oig who, whilst shut up with the Clan on the island on Loch Katrine in 1611, shot one of the Besiegers dead with a long barrelled gun.
In June 1612 Buchannan of Drummikill was appointed by the Earl of Argyll "To travel with Callum McGregour to bring him to his Majesties peace and service," with what result does not appear. June 26, 1613 - the Laird of Buchannan became bound to present to the Council the two sons of "Young Malcolm McGregor McCoull" whenever required. Mal¬colm took the name of Stewart, as we find that, Feb.25, 1619, Malcolme McGregor VcDougall, alias Stewart, in Auchnaharde in Glenfinlas, is a witness with Duncane McGregor vcDougall, alias Buchanan, in Portnellan in Glengyll in a sasine of Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenurquhay. Callum McGreigour McCulcheir," with Duncan his brother and McGilliechallum [page 256] McCulcheir sone to the said Callum," were put to the horn, Sep.24, 1621. At the request of the Earl of Moray, on whose lands he lived, and whose surname he had assumed, he led in 1624, 300 of the Clan Gregor in arms to Morayshire to expel the Clan Chattan from the Earl of Moray's Lordship of Petty. For his services on this occasion the Earl gave Callum a small farm at Bridge of Turk for a quit rent. Malcolm Oig McGregor dhu, the time of whose death is not known, married a daughter of MacDonald of Keppoch by whom, besides a daughter married to her second cousin Gregor dhu, known as John Campbell of Kyleter,
Malcolm had two sons
1. Donald the heir.
2. Gregor. Both brothers were styled - McGilliechallum McCoull keir." In 1630, Dec.23, he is styled "Gregor McCoull sone to Malcome McGregor in Glengyll." Gregor had taken the name John, thus "John McGregor brother to Donald McGregor in Glengyle" and "Margaret Monteith his appearand spouse" on the 15th April 1657 were vested in an annual rent of forty pounds out of the lands of Balledmenoche in the Barony of Rednoch and parish of Port, belonging to Patrick Monteith of Arnbeg, upon a contract of marriage betwixt the said John and Margaret, March 19, preceding.

[9] 1604. March 2 Four persons executed. 1. Malcolm McCoull Clerich (Chere), in Innerlochlarig, No. 29.

[10] #23-1611a Donald Dow McCoulchare McGregour brother to #22-1611a Patrik Roy McCoulchare McGregour in Glengyll also

[11] #25-1611a Duncan McCoulchaire McGregour his sonne thair #28-1613d Duncan McEan VcCoulcheir his brother (to Gregor) "third rank"

[12] #26-1611a Gregour McCoulchaire McGregour his brother thair
#27-1613d Grigor McEan VcCoulcheir in Balquhidder "third rank" - 1613 despite execution in 1612 executed 28 July 1612 #9 Gregor Mceane VcCoule cheir

[13] #27-1611a Item Patrik McGregour sonne to the said John McCoulchaire in Balfuidder
#61-1613b Patrik McCoulchaire sone to John McCoulcheir (in Balquhidder)
#10-1613c - Patrik McCoulchare sone to John McCoulchare in Brea of Bofudder (i.e. Balquhidder) - rebell unpresentit

[14] MacGregor, G. Red Book of Scotland, vol 6, p 261 - GREGOR MACOLCHALLUM VICCOULE KEIR IN GLENGYLE, was one of the witnesses to a bond of caution by Neil MacInvallich in Ardeonaig to Colin Campbell of Glenorchy on 22 September 1580.(GD112/1/225.)