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Genealogy of The Clan Gregor - 20 - Descendants of Duncan, ancestor of Kilmanan

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Donnchadh / Duncan
b.~1572 died 1649
Stukinroy [7]
listed 1649
b.~1660 d.1693
15th chief, succeeded in 1679

buried at Inchcailleach

Eoghan / Ewin
b.~1621 - listed 1649, alive in 1662 [8]
1st of Kilmanan
b.~1658 d. by 1680

Archibald [1]
b.~before Jan 11 1659
mar. Anna Cochrane, May 1679 [5]
went to Ireland, ~1706; died. 24 Oct 1726 [2]
16th chief and 2nd of Kilmanan
[3] [4]
Hugh [6]
b.~1680 died 9/2/1712 (soldier at Edinburgh Castle)
mar. Anne Hamilton 15/1/1700
At Doune, Kincardine parish-
Donald b. ~1730
This is speculation - does it fit?
m. Janet Mephan (b.1742) on 29/6/1759
Alexander b. 16/3/1760
m. Janet McGrigor
b. 20/3/1803
4 daughters
1794 - 1805
b. 28/12/1766
4 daughters
1762 - 1769




[1] Information on descendants of Archibald of Kilmannan from Matt MacGregor

[2] An account of the family of Ardlarich, written by Lieutenant MacGregor, Innerhaddon, states that Archibald, formerly of Kilmanan, died in Ireland. Matt MacGregor says that he died in 1725/6 and appear may have been brought back from Ireland to be buried within his wife's Cochrane family plot at Strathblane

[3] From Amelia, Vol 2, chapter 15, p200 quoting From Chronicles of the Families of Atholl and Tullibardine.: “Declaration be the People in Glenalmond anent Kilmanan's Shooting his own man Malcolm McCurich.”
"On Monday the 1st of October 1694. about xii hours in the forenoon Kilmannan came to William Roy's at the bridge end of Haly milne and sent for Alexander Menzies at Buchantie, John Roy at Milnrodgie and the said William Roy who was then in the fields att the leading of some corn and after the saids persons came to him which was about 3 afternoon, Milnrodgie having come at twelve, there past some general discourse only, in that space he took his pistolls and tryed if they were charged, and lookt if they were prymed and put one of them beneth his oune belt, and another he caused his man put beneath his and efter the said company and he had drunk six pints of ale, and three gills, he took horse about halfe an hour befor sunsett and rod streight to Milnrodgie. This the said three persons that were in his company declaire and they did not think he was concerned with drink till he mounted. After he lighted at Milnrodgie he went in and saw Milnrodgie's wife, Milnrodgie being come that length on foot, and she offered him a drink, which he refused, then he went out to the yeard with his men, and as he was going over the dyke his foot sliped and he fell in the leed, and after his man took him out of the leed he pursued his man through the yeard with a drawn sword in his hand, and took his leave of Milnrodgie's wife. This, Milnrodgie's wife and John Robertson alias Alaster, in Buchantie declair.

"John Robertson in Buchantie declaires after he crossed the burn at Milnrodgie he drew the pistoll, and his man bid the said John goe and shift for himself other wayes he would either kill the said John or him and accordingly the said John went immediately and heard the shott.

"After that he had gone from Milnrodgie, being about sunsett be rod about midway betwixt it and Litle Dounie, and there John Herris Milnrodgie's herd, being about two pair of Butt's distant from Kilmannan, did see hin offer to ryde towards Litle Dounie and saw his man take his horse by the bridle and lead him to the rod that lead up the Glenn and immediately he saw him draw his pistoll and fire at his man and after the shott he heard the man cry ‘o hon, o hon,’ and after a litle he fell and his master rod twice or thrice about him and then lighted and bid him rise and take the gat with him. And after that he heard the hue and cry he immediately took his horse and rode with a drawen sword in his hand up the hill of Dounie

"Donald Stewart, Wm Roy's herd declaird he saw done all that the other herd did declair after Kilmannan fired the pistoll.

"Kathrine Maloch and Mary Malcolme, Wm Roy's and John McCleishe’s women came immediately to the dying man after Kilmannan rod away and the saids two herds who all declaire that they asked at him if he would he glad if his master were taken and he said that he did not wish it, for it would doe no good for his master was not as he used to be and that he would doe harme before he were taken.

“David Allan servant to Arch: McCleish in Wester Fendoch came next to him and asked what was betwixt him and his master and he said it was nothing but drink made his master use him so.

"John Murray in Mikle Dounie came to him next and asked him what was his name, and he said Malcome M'Currich, litle matter what he was. And he asked him if he was able to walk to some house and he said he would never be able to sett foott on ground, and the said John said he would not be able to carie him. After that William the officer and John M'Cleishe in Litle Dounie, Andrew Sorell there and Thomas Sorell and Patrick, in Mikle Dounie came all to the man together and asked at him if he had been in drink and he said not a drop drink was on him, and that he had drunk no aquavitie for 8 dayes befor and then be prayed them to send to Buchanty for his cosine Nicoll McCurich which accordingly they did but he did not come. Then he prayed them to take him to some house and when eight men were carieing him to it in his plad he choaked with blood and dyed but befor he dyed he desired they would give him a drink of water, and because thay wanted a cup they gave it him in one of his shoes.

"Patrick Stewart in Newton dcclares that about three hours after sunsett Kil-mannan came to his door and beatt at it and they in the house being feared that it was a druken drover they held to the door and he beat so strongly they were forced to open it, and he came in and almost fell in the fyre being so drunk wanting his hatt and cloak, having tyed his horse to a sted at the door, but the said Patrick all this time did not know what he was till James Murray there came in, and desired if he pleased to goe take a bed in his house, but he said to him ‘goe rascall, I will not goe out of this house this night.' so the said James caused his herd take Kilmannan's horse to his stable and sate down with Kil¬mannan and he said he was ill beholden to his man that left him and suffered him to loss his hatt and cloack and he desired the said Patrick and James to rise early and search for the things he had lost and immediately went to bed and he rose early befor break of day and went out and came in again and asked for James Murray's house and went and wakened James Murray and bid him goe and seek his hatt and cloack &c and he went himself alongst he on the one side and the said James on the other side of the water the length of Dalich and the said James went to the place where the corps were and when he saw the man dead he sent one Greigor to tell Kilmannan that his man was dead which when Kilmannan got notice of he immediately took horse and rod doune through Monzie and West Strathearn, His corps lay all mondays night all Tuesday and Tuesday's night neer to the place where he was shott and on Wednesday morning sume of the forsaids persons with John Roy in Milnrodgie and his sone John, Alexr Menzies at tlse bridge of Haly mill, John McCleish and Wm Roy in litle Dounie and Alexr Kirkwood with severall others did see the corps and saw the mark of six small ball in his breast. About ten hours he was putt in a coffin and the countrie people did carie him to the kirkyeard of Monzie.”

[4] December 9th and 15th, 1701. Feu Contract betwixt Archibald Grahame formerly surnamed McGregor of Kilmanan heritable proprietor of the lands and barronie of Craigrostane and Robert Campbell formerly surnamed McGregor of Inversnaid, in which the said Archibald, with consent of Hugh Graham his eldest lawful son in consideration of the payment of 1200 merks and 40 lb Scots entrie money, sells and dispones in feu ferm letts and dimitts to the said Robert Campbell the town and land of Knockeild in the parish of Inchkailloch and Sherriffdom of Stirling, dated at Buchanan and Killern December 9th, and 15th, 1701.
(Signed) A. Graham
H.Grahame fiar of Kilmanan

"1706. January 10th. Sasine in favours of Robert Campbell of Innersnait on disposition by Archibald Graham of Kilmanan in the lands of Craigrostan.

[5] On May 31 1679, whilst in minority, with consent of his Curator Alexander Napier of Culcreuch, Francis Napier of Ballikinrain, and John Roy McGregor in Stuknaroy, he entered into a Contract of marriage with Mr John Cochrane minister of Dunblane and bound himself to infeoff Anna Cochrane his intended wife in half the lands of Kilmanan. -Particular Reg. of Sasines, Stirlingshire. In 1680, Jan.11, having attained majority, he obtained from James 4th Marquis of Montrose a Precept of Clare Constat for enfeoffing him in the lands of Kilmanan as heir to his brother John McGregor of Kilmanan eldest son of Captain Hew McGregor. He was accordingly enfeoffed Feb. 3 following, and his wife on the 10th instant.

[6] Further information on descendants of Archibald of Kilmanan from Dr Neil MacGregor
Archibald Kilmannan died on 24/10/1726 in Shannon End in Ireland (see attached). His body was transferred to be buried beside his wife in Scotland (she died 17/10/1725) near Dunblane. He had a son Hugh who died on 19 July 1712 (GROS 685/01 0860 0380) and is listed as a Soldier in Edinburgh castle. He married Anne Hamilton daughter of Hamilton of RedHouse (15/1/1700) who was stationed in Ayrshire in 1700. Their first child John was born 25/8/1700, the second Hugh 22/10/1704, the third Anne 23/3/1712. All these families had issue and the sons were alive at the time of the 1714 secret election.

[7] 1649 list: Amelia Vol ii, p116-120 and 467-470:
21: Kallum McConnochie Vcewin Tutor to…children to umqull Laird of McGregor,

[8] 1649 list: Amelia Vol ii, p116-120 and 467-470:
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