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Genealogy of The Clan Gregor - 15 - Descendants of Ewin the tutor

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Eoghan / Ewin the tutor
b.~1545 d. before 1601

Griogair [1]
b.~1570 exec.1604

Eoin dubh
b.~1571 exec. 1604 [2]

Donnchadh [3]
b.~1572 died 1649
(17th century chiefs)
Descendants of Duncan in Morinch
Alasdair [4]
b.~1573 alive 1613

[1] "Gregor MacEwine VcGregour (eldest son of Ewine the Tutour) ", - No 1 in 1601;

[2] 1604. February 18 Eleven persons executed. 1. John Dow McEwin, second son of Ewin MacGregor, Tutor of Glenstray, No. 2 in 1586.

[3] "Duncane Makewin McGregour tutour", 1-1611a; and 1-1613d
#43-1613b Duncan McEwn sometyme tutor at Glenfrune
#1-1613d "first rank";

[4] "Allexr McGregour his brother", #1-1611a list #44-1613b Allester McGregour his brother; #54-1613d