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Miscellaneous Articles on Scottish history by Peter Lawrie BSc, BA, MPhil, MBCS, CITP, FSAScot, CFA

  • Articles on the history of Clan Gregor
  • Miscellaneous articles on aspects of Scottish History
  • Articles on Kildonan and Loth, Sutherland, mainly 19th century

  • The Irish Scots of Dalriada - or were they?

    Watson's Celtic Placenames of Scotland

    Scottish Castles - Fortifications or Mansions?

    Highland Clothes - did an Englishman invent the kilt?

    A summer walk wearing a plaid from Balquhidder to Glenlyon

    War & the Formation of the Scottish State

    The Castle of Finlarig

    Campbell Boat Building Accounts 1600-1700

    Print Culture in early 19th Century Dundee

    Improvements in Dundee urban fabric after 1871

    Perthshire Ghost stories

    The Prophecies of the Brahan Seer by Alexander MacKenzie

    Highland Superstition - an appendix to the Brahan Seer by Alexander MacKenzie

    King Arthur at Barry Hill, Alyth

    Scotland's place in Europe by Alec Salmond

    MacGregor - a novel

    Morag MacKay MacLeod

    The Lawrie name and my own descent