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A list of MacGregors at Battle of Glen Fruin in 1603

Executed at Edinburgh 1604 and assumed to have been at Glen Fruin.

1604. January 20 Five persons executed.
1. Allaster Roy MacGregour of Glenstray, seventh of his line, Captain and Chief of the ClanGregor.
2. Patrick Aldoch MacGregour of Corriechrambie, younger brother of Duncan Abroch and grandson of Duncan Laddosach.
3. William (Oig) McNeill his servant, in Fernan, Loch Tay, son of No. 52.
4. Duncan Pudrache McGregour, in Achtoo, Balquhidder, son of No. 4.
5. Allaster MacGregor MKean (McAne), younger'son of Gregor MacGregor of Brackly.
He was second cousin of Patrick Aoladh.

1604. February 18 Eleven persons executed.
1. John Dow McEwin, second son of Ewin MacGregor, Tutor of Glenstray, No. 2.
2. Duncan McEan Cham VcGregour, Tutor of Roro.
3. Duncan VcAllaster Vrek, in Fernan, No. 55.
4. Ewin McCondochie Clerich, in Glengowlendie, probably son of No. 39.
5. John Ammonache, in Kingart, probably son of Patrick Ammonach.
6. Allaster McEwin VcCondocjie, in Couldar (or in Critgarrows), probably No. 43.
7. Gregour McNeill alias Cownache, probably No. 81.
8. John McKean (McAne) MacGregour, in Glen Ogle.
9. Duncan beg McGregor VcCoull Chere.
10. Allester McEwin VcCondochie, No. 43.
11. John Dow McCondochie VcEwin, probably No. /i. 1

1604. March I Five persons executed.
1. Neill MacGregor, in Mewie (Duneira).
2. Patrick Gair MacGregor.
3. Donald Roy MacGregor.
4. Duncan MacGregor.
5. Donald Grassaiche M c Cadanach.

1604. March 2 Four persons executed.
1. Malcolm McCoull Clerich (Chere), in Innerlochlarig, No. 29.
2. Duncan Mcfadrich McCoul Chere, in Innerlochlarig, under the Laird of Tullibardine.
3. John McCoull Chere, in the Brae of Balquhidder.
4. Neill McWilliam VcNeill, son or brother of No. 52.

A list taken from the Luss 1613b list - those still alive in 1613

The namis of the Clangregouris of the Hous of Roro

3 Duncan McAindow (=McIan dhu) in Rannoch at Glenfrune
4 Johne Moir Makandowe (or McEandowie) his brother at Glenfrune
5 Gregor McConachy VcAine in Rannoch at Glenfrune
7 Gregour Roy his eldest sone at Glenfrune
8 Callum Baine his sone also at Glenfrune
9 John McFatrik Ger in Rannoche at Glenfrune
13 McAindowie (i.e. McIan dhu) VcAin in Laren at Glenfrune
14 Duncan McConachy Rauche (Rayoche) in Rannoch at Glenfrune
15 John Dow Ger his sone at Glenfrune
16 Callum McCon(d)achy Roy(o)cht sone to the said Duncan at Glenfrune
17 Finlay McVilzearn (i.e. McWilliam) (in Rannoche) at Glenfrune
19 Duncan Baine McCon(d)eichy VEulay (or VcEncame) at Glenfrune
20 Allester Reyocht (or Rayoche) his brother at Glenfrune
21 Duncan Reyocht (or Rayoche) his brother at Glenfrun
23 Allester Spagoche (in Glenlyonn) at Glenfrune
24 Patrick Dow his brother at Glenfrune
25 Ewin(g) his brother at Glenfrune
32 Donald Ungoche? (McNeill VcEanvalloche) in Ardewnag at Glenfrune
33 Johne McGregour (VcNeill) in Glenl(a)ydenag (i.e. Glenlednaig) at Glenfrune
35 Gregour McAnvoile (or McAinvaill) in Carie of Rannoch at Glenfrune
36 Neill Masche McGregour at Glenfrune
41 Mc Alhallum VcCalam the Bard Ba(i)nis (the white bard's) brother at Glenfrune (or McOlchallum VcEncam)
42 Duncan McConechy Clerest (Clerich?) at Glenfrune

McGregors Gang
43 Duncan McEwn sometyme tutor at Glenfrune
48 Archibald McCone(i)chy Vcallester at Glenfrune
49 Patrick McAllester Puddreiche at Glenfrune
52 Callum McGregour Dwe(or Dow) at Glenfrune
53 Gregour McGregour his brother at Glenfrune
54 Duncan McGregour his brother at Glenfrune
57 Gregour Ger McFatrik VcCoulcheir at Glenfrune
62 Patrik McIlchallum (or McOlchallum) Oig McGregour at Glenfrune
65 Jone McConeill Our McLeith at Glenfrune (or Johne McInleich)
67 Callum Our (McGregour) his brother sone at Glenfrune
68 Duncan McRobert? VcSorll (or VcOull) at Glenfrune

Sleik Gregour VcEane
70 Robert Abroche McGregour at Glenfrune
72 Duncan McFatrik Awleich at Glenfrune
73 Patrik (McFatrick Awleich) his brother at Glenfrune
76 Johne McFatrik Dow at Glenfrune
78 Robert McKerleycht (or McKerleiche) at Glenfrune
79 Callum McKerleycht at Glenfrune
81 Johne Dou (or Dow McGregour) his sonne at Glenfrune
85 Johne Gremocht (or Growmoche) his brother at Glenfrune
87 Callum Baine MvKneill Baine at Glenfrune
88 Neil McGregour Veig (or Beig) at Glenfrune