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Genealogy of The Clan Gregor - 62 - Descendants of Duncan (V) in Learagan

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Alasdair ruadh [1]
at Glenfruin
Duncan (V)
m. dtr of Duncan Stewart of Drum-vurlagan
Donald (VI)
b.~1630 (at Inverlochy 1645)
(m. dtr of Robertson of Bohespic)
Duncan (VII)
m. cousin Janet MacGregor
John (VIII)
b.~1730 d.1802
m.1757 to Janet MacLean from Glenerrochy
Duncan (IX)
m.1791 Marjory daughter of the late Alexander McGregor of Ardlaraich and resided at Innerhaddon
m.Margt McDonald
b.~1774 b.~1761
m. McGregor
3 sons
4 other sons by dtr of Robertson of Bohespic niece of stepmother

Malcolm MacGregor called Callum Glas or palefaced, a brave warrior and an excellent sportsman. He had a narrow escape at the Battle of Pinkie Sep. 10, 1547 when the Laird of MacGregor had 700 of his own men on the field, of whom 400 were either killed or wounded. Malcolm married Ann Stewart from Atholl by whom he had four sons and several daughters.
1. John Bane his heir.
2. Gregor Gar (gear), short, mentioned in Commission of the Privy Council Feb. 4 1589-90.
3. Patrick Gar proposed as a pledge 12 August 1600. His son John dhu Gar was the noted adventurer mentioned by Spalding in his account of the Troubles in Morayshire.
4. Malcolm who resided in Learagan in 1595 and had a numerous family.

III. John Bane MacGregor in Learagan, one of several sureties for Alexander Roy MacGregor of Glenstray in a Bond of Peace between the Marquis of Montrose and other Lords, and Glenstray on the other part Feb. 5, 1590, and was charged along with other sureties for refusing to apprehend several of the Clan for an alleged serious difference between them and Graham of Fintry. John married 1st a daughter of MacPherson of Breachdachai in Badenoch by whom he had one son
1. Alexander his heir.
He married secondly Jean Mcpherson of Phoness by whom he had two sons
2. Gregor, of the Coat of Mail.
3. Malcolm ban in Lerigan.

Gregor known by the name of Griogair-ruadh na Luraich, Red Gregor of the Coat of mail from his frequently wearing this armour. He was remarkable for his corporeal strength and martial exploits and was killed at Inver na h-aun in Badenoch defending the Marquis of Huntly against the King's troops. He had three sons.
1. Alexander who married a Miss Stewart from Bunrannoch and had five sons viz, Patrick, Duncan, John, Gregor and Donald; their descendants are known in the country, by the name of Clann Alastair Ruaidh.
2. John, married Miss Robertson of Strowan, issue a son who died young and two daughters one of whom married John McGregor, i.e. lain mhic Dhonachai mhic-gheal-Challum.
3 Malcolm, married Marjory McGregor from Glenlyon. Of him are descended the M'Gregors of Dunkeld known by the name of Clann Challum Ruaidh.

The following is from a MS. memoir in possession of R. W. D. Cameron, Esq"~ M.D., Sanitary M.O. for Wigtonshire.
"Malcolm Mac lain mhic Challum ghlais-third son of John III., was known as John Menzies, he is mentioned as 'Malcolm ban in Lerigan' in a list of persons charged with carrying weapons 30th Nov 1619 [35] "He married first a MacDonald from Glencoe by whom he had no family, secondly a daughter of Robertson of Calvine by whom he had a son
"Duncan Riach, designed frequently in Record, Duncan MacChallum Bain in Aulich, and known as Duncan MacGregor of Kinnairdochie, and subsequently of Kilichonan; he married Grizel, daughter of Stewart of Coinachan; he and his wife acquired in 1649 from Niel Stewart of Graniche, a wadset of the 40 'sgillin,' being part of the 4 merk land of Kinnairdochie in the Parish of Foss, and shire of Perth, in security of 1000 Scots. The contract of Wadset is dated April 30th of that year. By disposition dated May 4th 1659, Duncan with consent of his spouse, disponed these lands to Alexander Robertson, Merchant, in Carnusfornan; who by his disposition 11th November following, disponed them to Duncan's sons Gregor & John. On May 10th 1673 a renunciation of the wadset of Kinnairdochie was granted to John Stewart of Foss by Duncan MacGregor, sometime in Aulich, now in Lassintullich, Grizel Stewart his Spouse and his two sons. Duncan MacGregor alias McIllechalum Bain, 1st Feb' 1675, entered into a contract of wadset with Sir Alex' Menzies of that Ilk, Baronet, in virtue of which he acquired the lands of Kilchonan, amounting to two merk land in the Barony of Rannoch, under reversion of 1000 Scots.

"Duncan Riach had two sons, Gregor and John, whose descendants were known in the country as Clann Donnachaidh Mhic gheal Challum
1. Gregor, he married a Macpherson from Badenoch and resided at Kilichonan. Issue one son
Donald who married Eliza daughter of..... Stewart of Foss by whom he had one son Malcolm, and several daughters.
Malcolm married his Cousin Miss Stewart of Foss. Issue two sons Duncan and John and several daughters.
i. Duncan born 1739 or 1742 married in 1770 or 1771 Miss Margaret Stewart of Crossmount He died at Polrossie in 1818 without any surviving son but left four daughters 1 Susan born 1782 who married Murdoch McKenzie Esq 2 Margaret born 1778, who married, Dec.26 1818, Lieut. John McGregor 24th Reg.
ii John 2nd son of Malcolm married in London and had three sons, John, James and Robert.
2. John "lain mhic Dhonachai mhic gheal Challum" 2nd son of Duncan Riach by Miss Stewart from Coinachan, he resided at Liaran [37] in Rannoch and married as noticed on previous page a daughter of 'Iain MacGhrigair ruadh na Luaraich issue two sons Gregor and Donald.
1 Gregor with his Father and 11 other sureties of the name gave to Sir Alex'. Menzies, 24. Nov. 1683, a Bond of relief from responsibility for the said Gregor and subtenant, in the roume of Learan and particularly from any Sum that might be decerned against the said Sir Alex'. as Landlord, at the instance of the Marquis of Atholl or Tenants, for an offence alleged to have been committed by the said Gregor or Tenants. He succeeded his father in Learan and married Ann Robertson from Clachan Strowan or Blairfettie. He died in 1717, leaving one son Malcolm and a daughter.
2. Malcolm born 1723, a man of great respectability in the country. He was appointed Lieut. in the McGregor, Company from Rannoch in 1745. He afterwards served for some time in the 42d Reg. He married Margaret Menzies from Cambusfearnan or Camusurny. He died in 1798 at Learan, leaving four sons and six daughters. His sons were
1. John born 1748 bred to the Law and died in America.
2. Duncan born 1754 killed at the siege of Charleston North America serving as an ensign in the 71st Regiment.
3. Robert born 1756 who died in Gibraltar, Captain in the 10th Reg., leaving an illegitimate son Gregor who married . Fraser from Drumachine by whom he had a son Dougal.
4. Malcolm Og born 1761 married 1797 Mary daughter of Dr Drummond Physician in Cordhunan and afterwards resided at Killichonan having one son, Robert born 1798 who went to Trinidad in 1825, and several daughters.
2. Donald 2d son of John "Iain mhic Dhonachai mhic Gheal Challum" was born in 1672, [38] he resided at Learan [39] where he died in 1770 at the advanced age of 98. He married Elisabeth Dow from Atholl, issue three sons and five daughters. His two younger sons died without descendants. His eldest son
Duncan was born 1733, known as "Donach-maol a chronain," he resided at Killichonan and married Susan McGregor from Fernan and died in 1778 in Sleaghach at the back of Beinn Chualach. He had three sons and five daughters.
1st John,
2d Gregor who died young,
3d Malcolm born 1777 afterwards Captain in the 78th Reg. His career to be given later.
The eldest son, John, born 1765, was a Captain in the Royal Clan Alpin Fencibles, and afterwards Cashier in the Commercial Bank, Edinburgh. Hc married in 1786, Mary the only daughter of Duncan McGregor Esq. of Glencarnoch and Widow of . Paul Esq. The details as to John's career and his children, to follow later, but it may be mentioned that he was Father of the late General Sir Duncan MacGregor, K.C.B.