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Genealogy of The Clan Gregor - 50 - Learagan in Rannoch

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Eoin ban
Alasdair ruadh
at Glenfruin

at battle of Kilsyth 1645

At Killiecrankie 1689
b.~1730 d.1802





Malcolm MacGregor called Callum Glas or palefaced, a brave warrior and an excellent sportsman. He had a narrow escape at the Battle of Pinkie Sep. 10, 1547 when the Laird of MacGregor had 700 of his own men on the field, of whom 400 were either killed or wounded. Malcolm married Ann Stewart from Atholl by whom he had four sons and several daughters.
1. John Bane his heir.
2. Gregor Gar (gear), short, mentioned in Commission of the Privy Council Feb. 4 1589-90.
3. Patrick Gar proposed as a pledge 12 August 1600. His son John dhu Gar was the noted adventurer mentioned by Spalding in his account of the Troubles in Morayshire.
4. Malcolm who resided in Learagan in 1595 and had a numerous family.

III. John Bane MacGregor in Learagan, one of several sureties for Alexander Roy MacGregor of Glenstray in a Bond of Peace between the Marquis of Montrose and other Lords, and Glenstray on the other part Feb. 5, 1590, and was charged along with other sureties for refusing to apprehend several of the Clan for an alleged serious difference between them and Graham of Fintry. John married 1st a daughter of MacPherson of Breachdachai in Badenoch by whom he had one son
1. Alexander his heir.
He married secondly Jean Mcpherson of Phoness by whom he had two sons
2. Gregor, of the Coat of Mail.
3. Malcolm ban in Lerigan.

IV. Alexander McGregor who succeeded his Father John in the possession of Learagan; but in 1502 all the lands the MacGregors had in Rannoch had become the property of Menzies of Castle Menzies by Charter. The Mac-Gregors however maintained their right of occupancy till 1680 when they agreed to pay a small sum yearly for their possessions. Alexander was fond of martial achievements. He and his brother accompanied Glenstrae to the Battle of Glenfruin 1603. The name of Alexander's wife is not preserved; He was succeeded by his eldest son.
Duncan McGregor or "Donnocha-du-na-gealaiche," Duncan of the Moon, which appellation was given him because he often expressed a wish that he had the Michaelmas moon enclosed in a bag, in order to deprive the thieves of the advantage of its light which enabled them the more easily to discover and drive off his cattle. He was a rich man and those in his neighbourhood who lived on the public used always about that time to pay him an unwelcome Visit. He was twice married, First to a daughter of Duncan Stewart of Drum-vurlagan by whom he had a son
1 Donald his heir
and a daughter Christian who married .. Cumming.
He married secondly a daughter of Robertson of Bohespic by whom he had four sons.
2 John who resided in Torrachruidh.
3 Malcolm who resided at Aulich.
4 Alexander.
5 Hugh.
VI. Donald MacGregor eldest son of Donnacha dubh succeeded his father. He was a loyal man and much attached to the interests of the Stewart family. He and the rest of the MaeGregors of Rannoch joined the Marquis of Montrose at the Battle of Kilsyth August 25.1645 where the Clan Gregor severely suffered. They were commanded by Patrick of that Ilk, called "caothaich" from his eccentric valour, who added considerably to the success of the day.
Donald married a daughter of . Robertson of Bohespic, niece to his stepmother and had issue six sons.
1 Duncan his heir.
2 John.
3 Hugh.
4 Alexander.
5 Gregor born 1712. died unmarried.
6 Donald born 1714.
VII. Duncan MacGregor succeeded his father. He like most of his ancestors was a man of military genius and served under the command of Lord Viscount Dundee in the Army of King James, and fought at the Battle of Killiecrankie. He gave every assistance in his power to the Royal Cause. Duncan accompanied the MacGregors of Dunan and Ardlarich with a few of their followers from Rannoch to join Rob Roy MacGregor in the year 1715, but soon after the Battle of Sherriffmuir they returned to their home. Duncan married Janet MacGregor his own paternal cousin, by whom he had three sons and three daughters,
1 John his heir.
2 Donald born 1733.
3 Alexander born 1739.
VIII. John MacGregor born in 1730. At the time of the Rising in 1745, he put himself under the direction of Captain Robert McGregor of Ardlaraich, a man of great abilities and much respected, who commanded the MacGregors from Rannoch on that occasion. He distinguished himself at the Battle of Prestonpans Sep. 21, 1745, and at the Battle of Falkirk Jan. 17, 1746, where Lord George Murray thanked him on the field of battle for his personal courage, and for the gallant conduct of his men. The MacGregors of Rannoch were always loyal to their King and true to their Chief. John married in 1757 Janet MacLean from Glenerrochy and died at Achtarsin in Rannoch in 1802, leaving four sons Duncan his heir, Alexander, Gregor and Donald.
IX. Duncan MacGregor succeeded his father. He married in 1791 Marjory daughter of the late Alexander McGregor Representative of the House of Ardlaraich and resided at Innerhaddon having 5 sons
1 Alexander born 1792.
2 Archibald born 1794.
3 Gregor born 1796.
4 Donald born 1798.
5 John born 1802.