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Genealogy of The Clan Gregor - 42 - Descendants of Eoin malach in Ardeonaig

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Eoin malach mac Uisdean [1]
b.~1446 died 1524
Donnchadh breac [2]
Griogair [13]

Niall [5]
b.~1511 alive.1580
Griogair [8]
Dohmnall [19]
b.~1570 alive 1628

b.~1571 exec 1604 [18]

John & Patrick [16]

Eoghan [9]
Eoin dubh

Domhnall [15]

Alasdair [3]

Eoin dubh

Gille coluim [11]
b.~1512 fl.1550
Maol coluim

Griogair [20]
Eoin [12]
Domhnall odhar



b.~1516 fl.1550

Eoin ruadh [10]
b.~1520 (1589)
b.~1545 exec.1604 [14]

Eoin dubh
b.~1551 exec.1603 [17]

Dohmall magach
b.~1552 exec.1603

Maol coluim [7]
b.~1472 alive 1549


Niall in Condrochit
Eoin [6]
b.~1501 list 1549

[1] Obit: 1524. Feb. 9. Death of John Malloch McHustone at Tullichcamin; he was buried at Killin

[2] 1552. August 4. Malcum McAynmallicht (son of John Malloch) Donald his brother, Duncane McNeill VcKewin (Ewin) William and Malcum McNeill VcEwin brothers to the said Duncane, renouncing McGregour their Chief, bind themselves to Colyne Campbell of Glenurquhay giving him their Calpes. - B.B. of T.

[3] 1565-1566 - Signet letters at instance of Donald McCarlycht in Ardewnane against Alexander McNeill McGregour, John Dow, his brother,

[4] 27 May 1573 - Instrument of resignation and sasine by Colin Campbell of Glenurquhay and Duncan Campbell, fiar thereof, his apparent heir, with consent of Katherine Ruthven, spouse of said Colin, to Archibald McGilleCoule, servitor of said Colin, in 20s land of Tullycht Eister, of old extent, in Arthollonycht, on the south side of Loch Tay, in sheriffdom of Perth, in exchange for 2 merkland of lands of Braklie in barony of Glenurquhay, sheriffdom of Argyll

[5] 22 Sep 1580 - Bond of caution by Neil McEan Vallich in Ardewinch and Gregor McNeill VcEan Vallich, his son, in Tullochannane, to Colin Campbell of Glenurquhay and Duncan Campbell, fiar thereof, his son, for Ewin McGregour, tutor of Glensthray, Duncan and Patrick McGregours, his brothers german, and Alexander McGregour, their natural brother, their friends, servants and complices of the surname of Clangegour, for fulfillment of contract, 11 September 1580. Killin

[6] 1549/50 March 16 remission by Argyll for Ardeonaig includes John MacGregor McAne Malleocht

[7] 1549/50 March 16 remission by Argyll for Ardeonaig includes Malcolm McAne Malleocht
BBT page 195 Bond to Colin of Glenurchy
Malcum M'Aynmallycht Donald his brother Duncane M'Neill V'Kewin William and Malcum M'Neill V'Ewin brothers to the said Duncane, renouncing M'Gregour their chief, 4th August 1552

[8] "Gregor MacNeill MacInwalliche in Ardewinch, (Ardewnaig).", - #98-1586 list; #73-1590; #5-1592; not listed in 1601

[9] "Ewin Maceanvalliche thair. - (brother of Gregor MacNeill MacInwalliche in Ardewinch, (Ardewnaig).)", - #99-1586; #74-1590; not listed in 1592 or 1601

[10] "John Roy Maceanvallich there,. - (uncle of Gregor MacNeill MacInwalliche in Ardewinch, (Ardewnaig).)", - #75-1590; not listed in 1592 or 1601

[11] "Callum MacCondoquhy Vreak MacGregor.", #100-1586; not listed in 1590; in 1590; not listed in 1592 or 1601

[12] "John his brother - (Callum MacCondoquhy Vreak MacGregor.)", - #101-1586; not listed in 1590, 1592 or 1601

[13] "Gregor his brother - (Callum MacCondoquhy Vreak MacGregor.)", -#102-1586; not listed in 1590; not listed in 1592 or 1601

[14] 1604. March 1 Five persons executed. - 4. Duncan MacGregor.

[15] #32-1613b Donald Ungoche? (McNeill VcEanvalloche) in Ardewnag at Glenfrune
#85-1613d Donald Mogoche McAinvalloche McGregor his father brother

[16] #33-1613b 33 Johne McGregour (VcNeill) in Glenl(a)ydenag (i.e. Glenlednaig) at Glenfrune
and #34-1613b (Patrik) McGregour his brother

[17] 1603 - July 14 - John dubh McEan mhallich McGregor in Comrie - Justiciary sentenced to hang

[18] 1604 - February 17 - Duncan McGregor VcNeil in Ardeonaig - hanged - Black Book of Taymouth

[19] #79-1613d Donald McGregour Wic Eanvelliche

[20] BBT page 232, Bond by Gregour Makconaquhie V'Gregour in Roro, Alestir M'Evin V'Conaquhie there, Gregour Makolchallum in Inuerbar in Glenlyoun, Duncan Makgrgour his son in Killdie and Williame Makgregour sone to the said Gregour there to Duncane Campbell of Glenurquhay .... obliging themselves if it should happen that Makgregour by himself or his accomplices whould break upon the said Duncane ... to renounce him as their chief and to take part with the said Duncane against him. William Makneill in Fernay Neill M'Conoquhie in Fearnay Meanach ... witnesses At Balloch 5 July 1585.

John Malloch McHustone appears to have had two sons
1. Gregor.
2. Neil, Father of Gregor McNeil VcIainvallich in Ardewnaig mentioned Feb. 4.1589-90 after the death of Drummondearnoch. This Gregor McNeill in Ardewnych is also mentioned 2d of the "Gang of the House of Roro" in a list of principal men. Therefore it is possible that his father was the eldest son. Donald M'Gregor VcNeil, evidently son of Gregor VcNeil, is mentioned in 1628 but the line does not appear again.
In the roll of 1589-90 there is mention of Hugh, Ewin, Maceanvallich in Ardewnaig and of John Roy Maceanvallich also in Ardewnaig. Of whom these two were sons, there is no indication.

Duncan McInvallich in Comrie is mentioned in the roll of 1589-90 [14] as also Donald Maceanvallich, specified as his brother. Duncan is also among the principal men of the Clan proposed by Glenstray as pledges in the Bond to the Earl of Argyle April 22. 1601. He is mentioned again as Duncane McGregour alias McInvalliche and now Drummond in August 1603, when the gift of his escheat was given to a follower of the Earl of Montrose, Duncan having been put to the horn for a debt. His being styled Duncan McGregor has led to the supposition that his father was named Gregor but in this instance his Clan name may have been given him. Duncan appears to have taken the name of Drummond, as the first of the Clan to adopt a new surname in accordance with the Order in Council 1603. This Duncan was certainly direct ancestor of the House of Balhaldies.