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Genealogy of The Clan Gregor - 31 - Descendants of Rob Roy

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Domhnall Glas / Grey Donald
b.~1620 died 1693

Raibart Ruadh / Rob Roy
b.~1671 died 28/12/1734
m. Mary MacGregor of Comer on 1/1/1693
Inversnaid / Balquhidder
sons only shown

Coll [7]
b.~1694 died 1735
m. Dec 1721, Margaret, Coileitir, Glen Falloch
33 - descendants of Coll

93 - descendants of Gregor, son of Coll

m. Duncan [8]
Is this Duncan McPharrie?
96 - descendants of Kate & Duncan


b.~1770 d.1818

b.~1772 d.1803

died 1786

m. 1733. Jean (Janet) M'Gregor, dtr of Gregor glun dubh in Glengyle
innkeeper at Balquhidder

Gregor [1]
d.1799 Greenock
m. Mary Hamilton
69 - descendants of Gregor

Jean [11]
Mary [2]
Donald [3]
d. unm 1814
James [4]
110 - descendants of James

Catherine [5]
Malcolm [6]
James Mor
b.~1700 died after 1754
in exile at Dunkirk
Reputed to have had 14 children
Only sons recorded in the Killin OPR here
26 - descendants of James Mor

died before 1753
m. Sarah Cameron
Robin oig
exec. 1754
Colin b.1751 [10]
b.~ 1780
bought Glengyle 1855

[1] Old Parish record of Balquhidder Births 331 page 74 of 370. April 19 1741. Rannald M'Gregor in Kirktoun & Janet M'Gregor his wife had a child baptised, John?. The OPR is badly smudged. It has been recorded by various editors as John, but from the Ward tree he is probably Gregor, alias James Graham. b 1741. d 1799 at Greenock. Went to sea. Became a ship's captain in the West Indian trade. m Miss Mary Hamilton, `said to be a grand-daur of the Duke of Hamilton, but this supposition is not proved' - Dick tree.

[2] Old Parish record of Balquhidder Births 331 page 95 of 370. August 8 1747. Ranald Drummond & Janet Graham in Kirktoun had a child baptised called Mary.
J.A. Hutchson says that Mary possibly married Robert, most likely her cousin b. 1733 Craigruy, Balquhidder, son of Duncan and Margaret McLaren. If so, this was his second marriage, he had previously lived at Inverlochlarigmore and went by the alias McAlpin. Although, his second wife Mary could be the daughter of Gregor and Margaret McIver b. 1737 Innerdochart, Killin.
Their children: Grigor b. 1772 Inverardoran, Killin; Colin b. 1775 Inverardoran, Killin; Janet b. 1776 Innerheirse, Killin.

[3] Old Parish record of Balquhidder Births 331 page 106 of 370. January 29 1750. Ranald Drummond & Janet M'Grigor his wife in Kirktoun had a child baptised by Mr Coulchard (?) called Donald
J A Hutchison adds:
According to John Ward, Donald was an innkeeper at Balquhidder. He Lived latterly, having become somewhat disordered in his mind, with his mother's relations in Bridge of Turk [John Ward]. This was most likely Henrietta of Ardmachmuin, the Lady of Glengyle, and widow of Janet's nephew, who had moved out of Glengyle "for the sake of educating her son" [Dorothy Wordsworth].
John Ward says Donald married 1814, the year he died, which doesn't make sense, given his "disordered mind". I can't find any record of this. It could be a confusion with the marriage of his nephew Donald in 1811.

[4] Old Parish record of Balquhidder Births 331 page 128 of 370. November 19 1755. Ranald Drummond & Janet Graham in Kirktoun had a son baptised called James

[5] Old Parish record of Balquhidder Births 331 page 143 of 370. May 16 1755. Ranald Drummond & Janet Graham in Kirktoun had a child baptised called Catherine - at Ruscachan, Balquhidder.

[6] Old Parish record of Balquhidder Births 331 page 151 of 370. July 15 1761. Ranald Drummond & Janet M'Grigor in Kirktoun had a son baptised & called Malcolm
J A Hutchison adds: [according to the Stirling Observer 1880 - [Ronald] was well-known as the farmer and innkeeper of the Kirkton, Balquhidder. He had at least one son, who grew to be a man of great bulk and stature, but with a mind somewhat weak.] This is presumably Malcom. John Ward says he died ~1800.

[7] Old Parish record of Balquhidder Births 331
Children of Coll & Kate
1. Coll Campbell had a daughter Katharine 26/4/1725 - 331/10/41
2. Coll McGrigor and Mart Murray had a son John 19/12/1732 - 331/ 10/57
3. Coll McGrigor and Mart. McGrigor had a son [blank in record but = Gregor] 23/5/1735 - 331/10/63

Coll died before 18 December 1735 when his Testament was confirmed. His executors were Margaret Campbell, his widow, and Robert Murray of Glencarnock, as principal parties and on behalf of Coll's creditors Alexander Stewart, writer in Stirling, and James Alexander, saddler there. There is a second confirmation in November 1736 and all four are referred to in their capacity as executors qua creditors. Neither document refers to a relationship between Margaret and Robert of Glencarock, nor between Robert and Coll, and, instead, he is simply acting in the capacity of a creditor. However, I think this may be circumstantial evidence that Robert was actually Coll's brother in law and taking on the role of executor assisting his sister Margaret.
Coll Campbell in Kirktown of Balquhidder: Dunblane Consistory Court TD 18/11/1735 CC6/5/24 and EIK 5/11/1735 CC/5/24

[8] MacPharrie might have been the same Duncan Drummond or MacGregor in Strathyre who had been involved with Rob Roy's sons in the kidnapping in December 1750 of Jean Key as a wife for Robin Oig, for which Robin was hanged in 1754. James Mor excaped from prison into exile in France, where he died, while Duncan was acquitted. His involvement could be the reason for Walter Scott mistakenly claiming that Rob Roy had a son named Duncan. He was probably the same Duncan who was married to Kate, a daughter of Coll and granddaughter of Rob Roy some time after the '45.

[9] Probable family of Duncan McGregor (Drummond) and Kate (Kathrin) McGregor in Balquhidder
There is a gap in the parish record 1741-54 so their marriage is not recorded.
Janet 28/11/1748 GROS 331/10/101
Patrick 14/9/1750 GROS 331/10/109
Margaret 1/12/1753 GROS 331/10/120
Coll 1/3/1756 GROS 331/10/129

[10] Old Parish record of Balquhidder
1750 Robert Campbell McGregor/Janet - late servant woman in Crigan - child Sponsor: Malcolm Murray McGregor 1751 Robert Campbell McGregor/Janet Fergusson Colin Balfuil f James Fergusone sponsor

[11] J A Hutchison suggests an additional child Jean who is not in the OPR. From a probable marriage before 1774, she may have been the second child and born ~1743
-Jean (baptism not in the OPR) - d. ~1794 Balquhidder [Amelia]. Her husband and family emigrated to Canada [Amelia].
m. Alexander MacGregor from Rannoch [Amelia].
|-Ronald b. 1774 Achlyne, Killin - d. presumably before 1776
|-Ronald b. 1776 Kirktown, Balquhidder, (the damaged OPR page just has Ro) - d. 1824 Saratoga, New York.
| m. Anna Livingston b. 1784 - d. 13 1865 Saratoga, New York.
| |-Rebecca b. 1805 New York.
| | m. Dr John Collins b. 1771 New York - d. 1859 Saratoga, New York,
| | son of Deacon Thomas and Mary McCrea, (Rebecca was his second wife).
| |-Lexie Ann b. 1809 New York - d. 1888 New York.
| | m. Horace Harrington b. 1811 New York - d. 1882 Washington, New York, son of Peleg and Hannah Seeley.
| | |-Mcgregor b. 1836 New York - d. 1908 Saratoga, New York.
| | | m. Margaret A Mory b. 1837 New York - d. 1914 Saratoga, New York.
| | | |-Kate B b. 1867 New York - d. 1917 Saratoga, New York.
| | | |-Joel P b. 1869 New York.
| | | |-James b. 1874 New York.
| | | '-Colby b. 18 New York.
| | |-Hannah/Harriet E b. 1838 New York.
| | |-Anna M b. 1841 New York.
| | |-Margaret R b. 1843 New York.
| | '-Lexie E b. 1850 New York.
| |-Mary Jane b. 1813 New York - d. 1856 New York.
| | m. John B Mcdougall b. 1816 New York.
| '-Elisabeth b. 1821 - d. 1847 Saratoga, New York.
|-John b. 1777 Kirktown of Balquhidder
|-Mary b. 1780 Kirktown, Balquhidder
'-Janet b. 1782 Kirkt[own], Balquhidder