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Genealogy of The Clan Gregor - 18 - Descendants of Padraig Odhar

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Padraig odhar
b.~1548 died 1599
Alasdair [1]
b.~1570 executed 1621

Eoin dubh [2]
Two sons, approx 1613

Donnchadh [3]

Domhnall Gruamach [4]

Dubhgall Gruamach [5]
Glen Fyne

[1] #6-1611a Allester McGregour sonne to umqll Patrik Our McGregour
Duplicated with his brothers at #71-1611a Allester McPhatrik VcGregour his brother also
#51-1613b Allester McFatrick Our McGregour duplicate with #84-1613b Allester McFatrik McGregour in Caderny
#16-1613c - Allester McGregour his brother - Rebell

[2] #69-1611a Johne Dow McPhatrik McGregour in Cadernye under the Laird of Cader #85-1613b Johne Gremocht (or Growmoche) his brother at Glenfrune (brother to #84-1613b Allester McFatrik McGregour in Caderny)
#15-1613c John Dow McFatrick in Cadderie unipresentit Rebell
#8-1613d "first rank"

[3] #70-1611a Duncane McPhatrik VcGregour his brother
#18-1613c - Duncan McGregour his brother Rebell
#16-1613d Duncane McPhatrick McGregour in Caderney - "second rank"

[4] #72-1611a Donald Grvymeoche McPhatrik McGregour his brother also
#17-1613c - Donald Groymocht his brother his brother (sic) Rebell
#65-1613d Donald Gromoch McFadrik Wic Gregour in Cadirnie in Lorn

[5] #19-1613c - Dougall Groymoch McGregour in Glenfyne Rebell
#64-1613d Dougall Etoch McGregor in Glenkinlas in Lorn - probably the same as Dougall Groymoch. Glen kinglas is much closer to Caderney (Cadderlie in Lorne) than Glen Fyne.