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Genealogy of The Clan Gregor - 17 - Descendants of Duncan Glen

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Donnchadh Ghlinne / Duncan Glen
b.~1547 executed 1604 [1]

Griogair [2]
b.~1570 listed 1602,
d. before 1606

Padraig [3]
b.~1572 Killed 1611

Seamus [4]
b.~1573 d. before 1603?

Donnchadh [5]
b.~1574 alive. 1606

[1] "Duncan Glen MacGregor (brother to the Tutour).", No 13 in 1586 list; No 8 in 1590; No 2 in 1592; No 2 in 1601; No 9 in 1602 list
1604. March 1 Five persons executed. - 4. Duncan MacGregor. - this must be Duncan Glen (senior)

[2] Gregor listed in 1602 but not thereafter, At Edinburgh 10th July 1602 Letters of Horning
"9 -11. Duncan Glen McGregour and [ ] Gregoris and Patrick McGregouris 'his sones'"

[3] Patrick listed in 1602 :
At Edinburgh 10th July 1602 Letters of Horning
"9 -11. Duncan Glen McGregour and [ ] Gregoris and Patrick McGregouris 'his sones'"
but name change for Patrick in 1606 - Sept10 (see text below)
31 march 1611 - killed / Glenorchy
#34-1613d - despite being killed in 1611, listed as Patrik McCondochie Glean McGregour - "third rank"

[4] James not in any lists must have died

[5] 1602 list: 190. Duncan Glen McGregour in Creikgan.
Also name change for Duncan in 1606 - Sept10 (see text below)

1606. Sep. 10. At the Doune of Menteith the tenth day of Sep. The quhilk day in presence of ane noble and potent Lord Archibald Erlle of Ergylle Lord Campbell and Lome, &a. his Majesties Lieutenant and .commissionair over the Clangraigour constitute be act of secrite counsalle to chairge thaim be his awine precept to compeir befoir him quhen and quhair he sail appoint with power to grant respettis, and remissiounis to samony of the said surname of McGregour as will renunce thair awin surnamis and find caution to be ansuerable and obedient to his Majestis and his Hynes lawis in tymes coming for pacefeing of the heylandis and pairtis next adjacent thairto conforme to the tenour of the Act of Parliament haldin in July 1683. as the said act of Secrete counsalle of the date At Perth the n July 1606 zeirs instant mair fullie proportis Personalie compeirit the personis vnderwritten descendit of the race and surname of McGrigour ; Thay ar to say
Archibald McDonche VcAllester and tuke upoun (him) selff the surname of Stewart,
and siklike personallie compeirit
Gregour McPatrik the surname of Dougall
Allaster McEwne VcGrigour the surname of Stewart,
Callum McGrigour Dow the surname of Dougall
Neil McGrigour VcEane VcGrigour Grant
Gregour McGrigour Dow bruthir to the said Callum Dougall
Johnne Dow McGrigour VcEane Grant
Duncan McRobert Dougall
Duncane Mcpatrik Vcean in Cadderlie Grant
Johne Mcdougallowir Dougall
Johne Dow Mcdonche bain Vcrob Vcgrigour Cunynghame
Dougall Chaiche Dougall
Allaster Mcdonche bain Cuningham
Johne McWilliam McGregour Dougall
Duncane na glen McGrigour tuke to him the surname of ..
Patrik Mcdonche na glen tuke to him the surname of .

And all the foirsaidis personis sweir that in all tymes comming that they sail call themselfis and thair bairnis efter the surrnamis respective abone written and use the samyn in all their doingis vnder the paine of deid to be execute upoun thame without favour or any of thame incaice thay failzie in the premissis. And siklyk the said Erie of Ergylie voluntarilie become actit, and obleist as cautioner and